Furman PL-Plus CE


Professional Power Conditioner and Filter

  • With 10 A maximum output current
  • 10x Euro rear panel outlets and one front panel convenience outlet
  • 2x Pull out multi LED, dimmable lamps
  • With 20 LEDs voltmeter monitors and displays incoming line voltage
  • With SMP (Series Mode Protection) maintenance-free surge protection
  • With LIFT (Linear Filtering Technology) noise filtration
  • EVS (Automatic Extreme Voltage Shutdown) for shutdown / separation with permanent / extreme overvoltage
  • Resettable circuit breaker
  • Rear panel BNC connector with switch for optional gooseneck lamp (12 V / 0.5 A)
  • Design: 19" / 1U
available since February 2009
Item number 224469
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number of Outputs 11
Connector For Lamps Yes
Voltage Display LED
Design 19" / 1U
Total load 10 A
7.222 kr
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Power Conditioner That won't let you down
matt-h 02.02.2018
I'm using this for powering my complete guitar rig no mater where. I'm using it even when I'm playing at home and it never let me down. The electricity was always consistent and I never had to worry about damaging my gear.

Before digging into it in more depth here is a quick pros & cons list:

- Easy to use
- Rack mountable
- Get's the job done
- Integrated lights are powerful enough to light up your rack
- Enough power outputs to power big rigs

- Comes without any additional cables

I would be really nice if there would be at least few basic power cables included. You have to get a little bit creative if you want to connect a normal power cable based device to the Furman. Other than that I can't find anything bad about it. It's a power conditioner and it works flawlessly.


Amazing unity
Niozik 29.02.2020
For the first time I get to see how my electricity behaves. One of my speaker got burnt before. So I could not risk any further. Highly recomend to use this along with balanced cables (TRS/XLR) in order to avoid interference. When I first connected I was going crazy about the high pitch noise coming from speakers. Turned out I had TS cables from out of my sound card into my headphone amplifier then out of the headphone amp into the speakers. I just used a TRS connector from the output of the sound cardo into the heaphone amp and my problem was fixed. Now I have everything on my studio connected to this unity. Including hard driver . . . Best things I could ever buy . . . do not regret any cent spent on this


Furman PL-Plus C E
Anonymous 18.02.2016
Before I've ordered the Power conditioner Furman PL-Plus CE, I've sent an e-mail withsome questions about the item after trying to get them from the web, but with no success.
From the first replay from Thomann team I've got very kind and professional reply which gave me the answers to my questions and even some information beyond.
I've ordered the Furman PL-Plus CE from Thomann and got it after 3 and a half weeks, in Israel.
The package was packed well and protected the item's box from inside.
The item is exact like I expected, looks professional and impressive, and now it looks cool in my guitar rack! ;) Now, I know that all my gear is protected, so I feel that from now on I can play more calm and not to worry for electricity shocks, even when it's raining outside! :)


Great safety for mobile recording
Timo I. 05.05.2015
I've been recording in multiple locations, each place the power voltage has ranged from quite low to very high. This Furman gives me safety of not blowing up my recording gear.

One con is that it is louder than I expected. When recording in a same room, you have to be aware of its generated noise.