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Thomann V2020 Black 10 Pack


Hook-And-Loop Fastener

  • Size (W x L): 20 x 200 mm
  • Pack of 10
  • Ideal for microphone and speaker cables up to 10 m long
  • Colour: Black
Item number 105250
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type Hook&Loop cable tie
Colour Black
Length [cm] 20 cm
Width [cm] 2 cm
Reusable Yes
Flame Retardant No
88 kr
Including VAT; Excluding kr200 shipping
In stock
In stock

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2742 Reviews

Really good cable ties
Rob_B 01.12.2019
I've been using these for a couple of years now, for holding wound-up cables together, as well as holding XLR cables to mic boompoles. And very good they are, too.

Another reviewer here had noticed that the cable-tie often slipped off the end after the cable had been unwound, and that is what I had always noticed. UNTIL, that is, I recently noticed the little graphic "Cable Tie. How to use?"

At first, this graphic did not make much sense to me, until I realised that it represented how to attach the cable-tie to ONE END of the unwound cable only, so that it always stays fixed to that end of the cable, and a long tail of the cable tie is then available for holding the rest of the cable after it has been wound up.

This was a revelation to me, and has made the job of managing the cables and their cable ties much easier. So, attaching the cable-tie near to the cable end for the first time is a really fiddly job, but once it's attached, it can be pulled tight enough that it stays there, and leaves the rest of the cable-tie ready for use when the cable is wound up again.

If I have one gripe about the cable-tie, it's that the very end of the tie should ideally have a couple of millimeters free of velcro hooks, to make it easier to lift that end when it's time to uncoil the cable. I usually subject the hooks at the very end of each cable to a short burst of heat from a soldering iron set to very low heat to achieve this.


Like cocaine
Max Becker 06.01.2018
The are like crack, once you've bought some you want them all, the only thing wrong is that they don't come as a subscription service where you'd get replacement for the 15 you've lost that month (get on it thomann).
But in all honestly, every studio needs cables and every cable needs a velcro tie if not 2 if you're neat, I will be getting a good hundred more and will continue to lose them everytime I have a gig


Durable and Versatile Hook-and-Loop Fasteners for Cables
Leopoldo Lopes 25.04.2023
The Thomann V2020 Black 10 Pack Hook-and-Loop Fasteners are a great investment for any musician or studio engineer. These fasteners offer excellent durability and are perfect for organizing cables of any length.

I've been using these fasteners for some time now, and they've held up very well. The hook-and-loop material is strong and provides a secure grip, ensuring that your cables stay in place. They're also very easy to use - you simply wrap the fastener around your cable and secure it in place.

Another thing I appreciate about these fasteners is how versatile they are. You can use them to organize cables of any length, and they're great for keeping things tidy and organized in the studio or on stage.

Overall, I highly recommend the Thomann V2020 Black 10 Pack Hook-and-Loop Fasteners to anyone looking for a durable and versatile solution for organizing cables. They're a great investment that will save you time and effort in the long run.


Secret essentials to make your gigging life a lot easier
Daniel631 21.01.2015
There are a few things that you learn when gigging around the country week in week out. One of those secrets is that you should always have a few doorstops in your bag to hold doors open when you are loading and unloading gear. The other great secret is to have a whole bunch of hook and loop cable ties with you at all times. Our band set-up includes 2 guitars, keys, bass, drums, 4 vocal mics etc. etc. plus our own PA and monitoring systems. You can just imagine how many different types of cable we have with us to link it all up. These ties are essential to keeping everything separate and neat. Hook and loop is the ideal fastening for these: it holds them in place in transit without becoming unstuck, but is easy to release when you come to use the cable. If you have an extremely long and thick speakon cable, for example, two of the cable ties can be joined together to form one, big, long one. Without a healthy supply off these velcro cable ties, I would hate to think what state our cable box would be in. Basically it saves a hell of a lot of time when you arrive for a gig with all your cables coiled, separate and not tangled together. It takes the headache out of setting up for a gig.