Rockbag Stand Bag RB25580


Stand Bag

  • Nylon bag for 1-4 microphone stands
  • Solid, water-resistant Rok Tex surface
  • 10 mm zip
  • Transparent card compartment
  • Dimensions: 115 x 16 x 16 cm
Available since October 2003
Item number 165452
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Inside width 1149 mm
Inside depth 159 mm
Inside height 159 mm
Colour Black
Construction Type Bag
Interior No
External Width 1150 mm
Inside Width 1149 mm
External Depth 160 mm
Inside Height 159 mm
Inside Depht 159 mm
External Height 160 mm
Weight 0,5 kg
IP Type Water resistent
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426 Reviews

I'm in love
Eoin H. 24.05.2016
I've spent a lot of time carrying microphone stands and cable boxes across college campuses for student open mic nights etc. At the end of the night when we have everything stoashed in a corner ready to be moved back to storage the most awkward things are always the three or four mic stands we have folded up. Its not that they're particularly heavy. They're just awkward to carry, especially when trying to carry a mic stand AND something else (eg a guitar amp).

This bag has been a god send in that regard. We easily fit 3 or 4 mic stand in here and make those quick simple journey's so much more easily. Easily one of the best things I have ever bought, and it helps lessen the chore of setting up a stage.


I use it almost daily
Johan SpinOff 28.12.2019
I bought this bag to carry a single microphone stand + tablet holder. I have it with my almost everywhere I go.
After a two years of use it still works perfectly.

I must say though that I was tricked a bit by the picture. It looked like it's a 'padded' bag which holds it's shape empty. It isn't. It's only a simple fabric, with a coating on the inside. For mere mic stands it's not a problem. For my table holder a little less ideal ... it's not very well protected mechanically.

Pros: Simple, good price/quality ratio

Cons: Not very 'rigid' protection; The coating on the inside comes off a bit which gives small black particles/dust inside the bag.


Does the job
Anonymous 18.03.2016
I have had a few of these bags now as they only tend to last me a year. I play between 80 and 100 gigs a year and my gear does get thrown around a bit. After maybe 8 or 9 months, holes start to appear in the end of this bag and before long, the stands start to shoot out of the end when I'm lugging my gear in and out of venues.
I keep buying the same bag as it's cheap and practical. I see this in the same way as I see my strings. If you?re anything like me, it's something you'll have to replace eventually.
This isn't supposed to be a negative so much as a heads up. Don't expect it to last 20 years :)


no brainer
bearcat 04.03.2018
Tired of losing bits of your mic stands? Tired of trapping your fingers in your mic stands when carrying them into the gig? Tired of freezing metal in your hands of cold days? I use mine to carry 4 boom stands and its a winner. Its good to turn up to gigs looking like you care about your gear. You wouldn't be impressed if a plumber turned up to fix your boiler with all their tools in a plastic carrier bag now would you! Only downside is although the zip is pretty sturdy it can fail if you abuse it and eventually the base can wear through if you drag it around on lots of gigs. But at this price you can just buy another. Wouldn't be without mine.