OXI Instruments Glows


LED Patch Cable for Modular Synthesizers

  • Indication of bipolar control voltages via two-colour LED in the connector
  • 2 Illuminated 3.5mm jack plugs
  • Contains 5 cables: 2x white 45 cm (+ blue / - red), 2x black 60cm (+ green / - red), 1x pink 30cm (+ blue / - white)
Available since May 2023
Item number 564779
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Length 0,6 m
Connector 1 Jack 3,5mm TS male
Connector 2 Mini Jack 3,5mm TS male
Length in cm 60 cm
Input connector Jack 3,5mm TS male
Output connector Jack 3,5mm TS male
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499 kr
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3 Reviews

All patch cables should be like these.
John Walshe 24.07.2023
I had seen someone use these OXI LED patch cables recently and was quite surprised to find almost nothing about them on youtube, especially considering how well they look when rhythmically active and the large number of home synth-studio videos online using patch cables.

They have a different colour light depending on the polarity of the signal, with rapid oscillations showing as an intermediary colour. They've different colour LEDs for the different lengths also (3), which is aesthetically pleasing and likely functional for some uses.
The cable itself doesn't light up (like you might expect from a fibreoptic), but that might become too distracting anyway if using several.
The overall feel of the OXI Glows is nicer than regular patch cables and you can tell them apart easily when rooting for them in a drawer as they have a somewhat rubberlike feel, rather than the typical plastic material.
The plugs feel solid too, considering they have the lighting inside and the lit OXI branding at either end looks well when lit, as opposed to being plain.

It's very useful to tell what signal is coming from an output while playing by simply plugging in one end and see the polarity changes/osc rate/general range of the signal, as the light is also of variable intensity.
Basically, you don't need the cable to be connected both ends into the circuit to get the light effect on both ends.
This is useful to figuring out what to do with a signal (whether LFO or pulse etc) and also you can troubleshoot what is or isn't affecting your sound.
One thing I can't fully test is signal attenuation from the additional load of the LEDs, however I didn't notice any difference to my regular 'cheap' cables.

Yes, they cost much more than regular patch cables, but I can't imagine you'd be disappointed being able to see your complex generative sound signals light up in the dark.