the t.amp E-800


Stereo Power Amplifier

  • Power: 2x 490 W at 4 Ohm, 2x 360 W at 8 Ohm, 1 x 990W bridged at 8 Ohm (@ 1 kHz, THD <= 0.1%)
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Inputs: XLR, jack (balanced)
  • Outputs: Speaker Twist and binding posts
  • Protective circuits: DC, short circuit protection, over temperature protection
  • Switchable limiter
  • Standby circuit
  • Mains voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 482 x 375 x 88 mm
  • Format: 19"/ 2U
  • Weight: 12.8 kg
Available since May 2005
Item number 173889
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power (4 Ohms) per Channel 490 W
Channels 2
Rack Units 2 U
Amp Class Class H
2 Ohm stable No
DSP/Crossover No
Convection cooling No
Width in mm 483 mm
Depth in mm 375 mm
Height in mm 88 mm
Weight 11,3 kg
Bridged Mode 1
Input XLR 1
Jack Input 6,3 sym. 1
Parallel Input 1
Link Out 6,3 mm sym.
Output Speaker Twist 1
Output Binding Post 1
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A beloved power amp

The t.amp E-800 is one of Thomann's best-selling stereo power amplifiers, a success that is due in no small part to the performance and features it offers for such a budget-friendly price. It features a 19"/2U rack format and provides amplification across a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz while delivering 2x490W into four ohms, which allows it to provide sound for an audience up to 100 people depending on the location. The E-800 features XLR and 6.35mm jack inputs as well as outputs in both speaker twist and screw terminal formats, so the most commonly used connection options are covered. Safe operation is also ensured by an onboard limiter and additional protection circuits.

Front view of the the t.amp E-800 Stereo Power Amplifier

Reliable and user-friendly

Being a class H amplifier, the E-800 from the t.amp delivers both a high level of efficiency and low levels of distortion, and it can operate as a power amplifier with a signal-dependent supply voltage. In stereo mode, the two channels operate independently of one another, while in parallel mode, the speakers are connected to both channels and receive the signal from channel A. Finally, bridged mode allows the input signal from channel A to be amplified at twice the power. The amplifier's safety features include DC, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection circuits, and it is also very user-friendly thanks to its LED indicators, which help the user to operate it safely: Each channel features a signal LED to indicate whether a signal is present, as well as a clipping LED to indicate that an overload is present (and the integrated limiter has been activated) or a short-circuit has occurred. Further LEDs in turn indicate whether the amplifier is in an unstable condition or is overheating, as well as providing information about the active operating mode. In addition, a ground lift switch is provided to help eliminate ground loops.

Back view with connections on the the t.amp E-800 Stereo Power Amplifier

For DJs, bands, organisers, and rental companies

A wide range of users will find the answer to their specific requirements in the t.amp E-800. For example, it is suitable for event organisers looking for a compact power amplifier for fixed installation in a small live location. Rental companies in turn can add this reliable power amp to their portfolio at an affordable purchase price and thus provide a robust and easy-to-use rental amp. And both DJs and bands can use the E-800 as part of their home or rehearsal room setup and for live sound in bars and youth centers. More generally, however, anyone who can do without a soft start function, DSP effects, an integrated crossover, or two-ohm stability can definitely take a closer look at the t.amp E-800.

Closeup of the the t.amp E-800 Stereo Power Amplifier

About the t.amp

the t.amp is one of the many in-house brands belonging to Musikhaus Thomann, and since 1998 has offered power amplifiers, complete passive PA sets, keyboard amplifiers, and connection systems. The brand’s entire product range delivers an impressive combination of quality and reliability at attractive prices, and users can find a convincing and affordable solution for every application: From youth clubs and sports halls through to congress centres and much more.

For large bars, small clubs, and on the road

Whether it's for the rehearsal room or a live gig, the t.amp E-800 is a reliable component for a compact band PA. For parties and small gigs, solo entertainers and DJs can also use this amplifier as a separate power amp for one or two subwoofers. For outdoor sound at larger parties, two E-800s can be combined, while bars can also use the amp in their fixed installations even when the room has poor heat dissipation, thanks to its two temperature-controlled fans which provide adequate cooling. Those who regularly want to transport the amplifier from place to place will appreciate both its compact height of 2U and its relatively low weight of 12.8kg.

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1218 Reviews

Pro audio worthy
Koscko 24.12.2017
This amp is a proper monster it delivers insane punch for the money. It is used to drive my 2 Peavey SP2-Ti s into insane loudness levels without even clipping. I have pushed it tremendously hard (so hard that the speakers walked on their own) and it did not clip. I honestly do not know if i can clip it. Dynamic range is excellent Its a class H btw.

But it is not the best it could be. It has a slight inbalance in the channels left appears to have slightly higher gain but it doesn not matter. Soundwise it lacks bass coloring but it has tremendously good transient capability. At high volumes the high frequencies kinda get mixed up and loose clarity but i dont think this would be so noticable with lots of people. Build quality is excelent it feels solidly built and well finished.

Other than that limiter is an excpetional feature that i more than enjoy as it helps protect speakers if this amp is used by someone inexpirienced. All in all a great and powerfull piece of equipment that was well worth the money. Note:1/4 inch inputs can play with both balanced and unbalanced input audio wires.


Well built and road ready
Steve537 27.04.2017
The T amp E-800 is amazing value for the money, and can be used for many applications. I use mine for P.A purposes and it has all the power I need for medium venues. I also work as a music teacher in a large school and we use this power amp in a large dance studio. The E-800 is very simple to use and features a protection circuit on power up which is reassuring,also a limiter and a overheating protection function. To add to this there is plenty of ventilation on the front and 2 large fans at the rear. Look around the back and there are plenty of quality made connectors which is astounding of a unit at this price The asthetics of the unit are great and understated and the controls knobs are solid and rotate smoothly.Have I got any gripes about this unit? No
Pro's Buy It it sounds great and its reliable, 700w at 8ohms and 1000w at 4ohms and less than £135.00 what's not to like.Cons None.


Great Sound & Great value for money.
Larry F. 01.07.2013
Great product and built like a tank! This is my second E800 and I would buy another.

I am using both with an active cross over to drive two sets of 15” bins. There are no issues with power, at low levels the sound is clean with plenty of current to drive those lows, at full volume sound is still pretty clean and the amp stays cool with it’s two fans pulling air over its heat sinks. It is heavy, Fans are a little loud for home use, but in a venue setting this makes no difference. I have amps costing five times as much; I would put the E800 on par. Terrific value for money, Well done Thomann.


Sadly its a lie product it does NOT give much POWER in sound and in sound quality
Rafael Barge 24.02.2023
Well..... SAD you Thomann did LIE in specs on your product as is NOT even close to 200 REAL watt!!!

its like a poor 150 watt 4homs per channel and it clips moure loud than the sound i give to him!!

i have a WAY to OLD amplifier that says it delivers ONLY 200 watt 4ohm per channel and i it is like the DOUBLE in POWER than this t amp E800!!!

ALso the sound quality is usless and with clipping it is going to be "better"!

SO MY review its not a guess BUT its TRUE a waste of money!!!!..........

(edit) 20-3-2023

Now i see what happened this amp reach to me with defect so thats why my BAD review and i will leave like that as a reminder for you thoman to test more your product before send to costumers in this BAD conditions as i sent to you private message saying that it behaves not as my other amp and SOMETIMES "strangly enough" YOUR amp just cant handle my speakers SOMETIMES which is very STANGE and higher notes MUCH of the times give this withe noise tipe of thig!! and even sometimes at LOW volume level it cant gove much punch to the sound and just lose to my OLD amp SOMETIMES also theres much things wrong with this uint and im wating and demanding a REPAIR of this product and hope at least you dont delete my TRUTH review in this situation to not make things worst for you!!!

Hope you can be more serious to your clients and if you win money and "hlep" people in this life then hope you can do things righ my friends if you work work truth to yourself and to others!!!

as the saying goes: don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you.

All being said!!!


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