the t.amp Proline 3000


Etapa de potencia

  • 2 x 1500 W @ 4 Ohm
  • 2 x 1100 W @ 8 Ohm
  • 2 x 1800 W @ 2 Ohm
  • Estable a 2 Ohm
  • Built-in limiter
  • Softstart
  • Fully protected circuit design
  • Temperature controlled fan
  • Ground lift switch
  • Generously dimensioned transformer
  • 19" Rack format with 3 U
  • Dimensions: 482 x 480 x 132 mm
  • Weight. 37 kg
Available since November 2004
Item number 168990
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power (4 Ohms) per Channel 1500 W
Channels 2
Rack Units 3 U
Amp Class Class AB
2 Ohm stable Yes
DSP/Crossover No
Convection cooling No
Width in mm 483 mm
Depth in mm 461 mm
Height in mm 132 mm
Weight 37 kg
Bridged Mode 1
Input XLR 1
Jack Input 6,3 sym. 1
Parallel Input 1
Link Out No
Output Speaker Twist 1
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A top seller for discerning users

The t.amp Proline 3000 has long been one of Thomann's top-selling power amplifiers for PA applications. This should come as no surprise, since it meets professional demands in several respects. The Proline 3000 comes in a 19"/3U rack format, and the two-channel amplifier unit processes audio from 20Hz to 20kHz. Thanks to its two powerful transformers, it provides 2x1800W into two ohms (i.e. offers two-ohm stability) and is thus suitable for sound reinforcement applications with an audience of just over 350 people. The power amp offers numerous protection circuits, which include a built-in limiter and a soft-start function, while XLR and jack inputs as well as speaker twist outputs provide professional connection options.

Controls on the the t.amp Proline 3000 Power Amplifier

User-friendly and flexible

The amplifier unit of the t.amp Proline 3000 is designed as a Class AB amp and can accordingly deliver high efficiency with minimal distortion. One advantage of this amplifier unit is that it offers a choice of three different modes: Stereo, parallel, and bridged. In stereo mode, the power amp's two channels operate independently, while in parallel mode, two speakers can be driven using the first channel of the amp. Bridged mode in turn allows the signal coming from the first channel to be amplified at twice the power. The Proline 3000 is also user-friendly thanks to its LED indicators, which help the user to operate it safely: A signal LED indicates whether an input signal is present, for example, while a clipping LED indicates that an overload is present (and the integrated limiter has been activated) or a short-circuit has occurred. Further LEDs in turn indicate whether the amplifier is in an unstable condition or is overheating, as well as providing information about the active operating mode. In addition, a ground lift switch is provided to help eliminate ground loops.

Fan on the the t.amp Proline 3000 Power Amplifier

For DJs, bands, organisers, and rental companies

Thanks to its professional design and features, a wide range of users will find the answer to their specific requirements in the t.amp Proline 3000. For example, it is suitable for event organisers looking for an affordable but high-performance power amplifier for use in a fixed installation. Rental companies in turn can add this reliable power amplifier to their portfolio at an affordable purchase price and thus provide a robust and easy-to-use rental amp. And both DJs and bands can use the Proline 3000 to upgrade their PA systems to a new level - after all, up-and-coming artists who have conquered the bar and youth centre scene and want to move on to small clubs will need a big enough PA to do so. More generally, however, anyone who can do without DSP effects or an integrated crossover can definitely take a closer look at the t.amp Proline 3000.

Closeup of the the t.amp Proline 3000 Power Amplifier

About the t.amp

the t.amp is one of the many in-house brands belonging to Musikhaus Thomann, and since 1998 has offered power amplifiers, complete passive PA sets, keyboard amplifiers, and connection systems. The brand’s entire product range delivers an impressive combination of quality and reliability at attractive prices, and users can find a convincing and affordable solution for every application: From youth clubs and sports halls through to congress centres and much more.

For fixed installations and touring

Bands can use the t.amp Proline 3000 for larger live performances as part of their touring setup, and event organisers can combine two of them for outdoor sound reinforcement at street festivals and open air events. Concerts and small festivals with 300 to 400 guests can be run without fear of the sound going out with this power amplifier's help, but it will also cut a fine figure as part of a fixed installation in a club. It doesn't matter here whether or not the Proline 3000 is used in rooms that are properly ventilated or cooled, as two temperature-controlled fans are also on board to cool the amplifier down when needed. The amplifier's rack compatibility will be a major advantage for all of these applications, but those who plan to use it as part of a mobile rack should take note of the fact that it tips the scales at an impressive 37kg.

Backview of the the t.amp Proline 3000 Power Amplifier

In the spotlight: Two-ohm stability and bridged mode

The signal output from a power amplifier can hit speakers with different impedance levels. For the operation of loudspeakers with irregular impedance characteristics, a power amplifier should therefore have a suitable "load stability" in order to allow performance shortcomings such as weak dynamics, a muddy low-end response, and unwanted distortion, to be avoided when the corresponding speakers are connected. A solution can be provided by power amplifiers that have a "bridged" mode, which combines the outputs of two channels. Because they are then phase-inverted, the existing output voltage is twice as high for the connected speakers, meaning that the resistance encountered by the output signal can be twice as high without compromising the load stability. As a result a power amplifier that has "two-ohm stability" can have four-ohm stability in bridged mode, allowing it to optimally drive speakers with an impedance of four ohms.

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195 Reviews

Heavy but impressive.
Anon123 15.05.2013
Everything about this amplifier is heavy, from its physical weight to the sound it produces.

I bought this amplifier to run bass (2 drivers per channel) and it more than met my expectations. Running at 4 ohms per channel the amplifier more than meets its rated spec and pushes serious sub bass with apparent ease.

The inputs on the amplifier are quite sensitive so if using a Behringer Ultradrive with a '0dB' reference equivalent to +22dBu it's worth dropping a compressor in between the Ultradrive and the amplifier to act as a more reliable limiter. AVOID CLIPPING THIS AMPLIFIER! The clip circuitry is not the best and it can cook speaker coils fairly rapidly if the amplifier isn't kept under control.

The physical weight of the amplifier is a down side but then again its older technology which is how they can achieve such performance at the price.

Highly recommended but use with care to avoid blown speakers and hernias!


I am well pleased!
ZsoltV 01.05.2015
I have to admit that i was afrait of that im going to buy an other cheap amplifier with overestimated and overrated capabilities. Now i have been using this amp for months and i have to tell that im not too gentle to it. Im driving 2x2000W rms double 18" bass bin each side (4 ohms) or 2x double 15" 1000w x2 each side (2 ohms) I was like if it fails i will live with the warranty, but it never lets me down. Even on 2 ohms, the performance wouldnt drop, and wouldnt overheat. Yes, it is a very heavy amp to carry around, but if you want serious power to come out of it, you have to deal with!!!


Not the best at full power
LiamD 05.01.2015
I have been using the Proline 3000 for a while now, 4 ohm stereo into two cubo15s per channel.

It is very good on medium power, the sound quality is great and it impresses every time. I never let it reach the clip lights however when nearing 0db, 1-2db down the sound quality does degrade slightly, it doesn't matter though, it is still good and when it gets to that point it outputs a lot of power.

it is really heavy as well, a two man lift up stairs and I have to take it out of my amp rack to take it anywhere. It is definitely worth it though.

It would probably be a good idea to buy a separate 3u case to carry this amplifier around in.


Proline 3000
Tony138 31.12.2014
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Brilliant amp. We use it in our 8 piece band. It runs our EV 18" bass bins. We also use a T-amp 2400 to run our two tops with dual 15" speakers (@ 4ohms).


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