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Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII


Wireless Dual Band Router WiFi 6

  • 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • Easy Mesh Network
  • Diversity
  • Detachable antennas
  • 1 WAN port
  • 4 LAN ports (1000 Mbps)
  • Lockable Neutrik RJ 45 connectors on the front panel
  • WLan standards IEEE 802.11ax
  • WLan data throughput up to 287 Mbps (2.4 GHz), up to 1201 Mbps (5 GHz)
  • Integrated power supply unit
  • Format: 19'' / 1 U
  • Housing dimensions without mains plug and antennas (W x H x D): 483 x 44 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
Available since December 2022
Item number 544731
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type Router
LAN Ports 4
PoE Class No
PoE ports 0
2.439 kr
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The Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII has been specially tailored to fill the market gap for affordable rack-mount WLAN routers for professional use. Alongside its 19" format that takes up only one rack unit (1U) in height, the Professional Router 2 MKII makes a convincing case thanks to its WiFi 6 technology that supports flexible wireless transmission in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands over an extremely large distance, and the implemented EasyMesh network standard that allows wireless networks to be seamlessly integrated and extended for complex stage or studio setups. The Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII additionally features diversity reception, which ensures a highly reliable signal transmission even in environments with high interference potential.

Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII

Fast and stable transmission

Using the latest IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard, the Professional Router 2 MKII offers an impressive data throughput: Up to 287Mbps in the 2.4GHz band and up to 1201Mbps in the 5GHz band ensure fast and stable audio transmission, which is just ideal for live monitoring and studio recordings. A pair of lockable Neutrik EtherCON plugs on the front panel ensure a particularly secure LAN connection by preventing cables from being unplugged by accident during live performances. In addition to two conventional RJ45 connections on the rear panel, the Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII also features four LAN ports with a Gigabit transmission speed of 1000Mbps. And thanks to the built-in power supply, users are spared the trouble of handling and transporting an external power adapter and cable.

Swissonic wireless dual band Wi-Fi 6 router

Feature-packed and easy to set up

The Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII offers a unique combination of high performance, operational reliability, and user-friendliness that is specially geared towards musicians, bands, and sound engineers who want to use digital mixing consoles and wireless IEM systems for their live gigs. And its special "Easy Setup" feature, which requires only minimal IT knowledge, makes this WLAN router child's play to set up. All users have to do is open the web interface in a web browser, e.g. using a laptop, rename (and optionally hide) the SSID, and define a password for the WLAN – then they're ready to go. The advanced settings section provides a wide range of further options that allow expert users to fine-tune their router setup, including Mac filtering, firewall settings, and additional operating modes such as repeater/extender, access point, and wireless ISP.

Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII connections

About Swissonic

Launched in 1998, Swissonic is an in-house brand operated by Thomann. Swissonic's range of electronic and digital devices are built to precise specifications by well-known manufacturers and are thus available at very favourable prices via direct marketing without distributors. Swissonic mainly focuses on devices for use in conjunction with a computer. The product range therefore includes interfaces, webcams, monitoring speakers, MIDI keyboards, and routers but also sound converters and rack-mounted electronic equipment. Swissonic thus provides an extensive wide range of affordable equipment for computer and home studio-based sound processing.

Reliable operation on stage

WLAN routers like the Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII are commonly used on stage to support state-of-the-art digital mixing consoles that usually require an app for remote control, individual monitor mix adjustments, and a wide range of further options. A high-performance WLAN that is capable of reliably transmitting signals over a large distance is also an indispensable component of lighting control systems using an iPad or live streaming setups. The Swissonic Professional Router 2 MKII will fully come into its own in challenging applications that involve larger distances and multiple potential interferences, and demonstrate its superiority over conventional consumer models thanks to a wider signal range and higher transmission stability. What is more, the Swissonic router allows additional end devices to be easily integrated into the Wi-Fi network using its WPS function and an ADSL modem to be connected to establish an internet connection.

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39 Reviews

This router… Artnet, Dante, HDMI over IP!
heyimdan-dan 13.04.2023
The Swissonic Professional Router 2, Mk2 is a welcome improvement in specifications. The previous Mk1 maxed out at 300Mbps and the Mk2 is capable of transferring data at 1,000 Mbps. This is our third Swissonic 2 rack router.

Typically we run networking kit to send data from a Midas M32 at FOH. On stage there could be a few iPads or mobile apps for monitors and in-ears. Possibly an X-Touch linked to the M32 for a monitor engineer. All these devices require Cat5 or wireless connections, so we have the Swissonic router handling that with DHCP enabled.

For larger outdoor events where the FOH position is at a distance we have a second Swissonic router with DHCP disabled and a long Cat5 run to stage so we have a reliable Wi-Fi connection 40-50 meters away from performers. This allows the on stage Swissonic router to assign IP addresses to wireless devices at the FOH position. This is particularly useful when crew are too far away to get a reliable signal, particularly at busy events where there can be 2,000 - 3,000 audience members with phones all searching for a Wi-Fi network to join.

The old Mk 1 router, although only 300Mbps were ideal for sending DMX Art-Net data over Ethernet, control data for the M32, and various mix control apps for tablet devices. The Mk2 with its increased bandwidth should allow us to send HDMI data over IP so we can put the video wall controller on stage. All of this over a single Cat5 cable, which will improve set up and load out times not having to run multiple cables between the stage and FOH. Even running Dante enabled devices over this thing seems possible.

The build quality between the Mk1 and Mk2 is identical. My only concern is having the reset switch on the front panel. It is handy to have it accessible without removing the router from the rack, but it seems possible it could be pressed accidentally or maliciously being so visibly open. Perhaps a pinhole sized switch would have been a better choice.

In future I can see all of our Mk1 routers being replaced with Mk2. The Mk1’s have been incredibly reliable for touring and have provided flawless service without the need for any changes to be made at any show even once.


Powerful, practical, perfect
JoshT01 10.04.2023
Bought this to combine with the soundcraft UI24. Incredible results. We use it in a church setup, you could literally control the mixer from the bathrooms which a quite a distance from main hall. Added bonus is that it is rack mountable. Best network solution for sound engineering.


Stage router perfect for Behringer XR18
MarcusAurelius68 20.08.2023
The XR18 is a great mixer but the Wi-Fi is very weak. This solved the problem at a fair price.


work grear
Business 03.08.2023
I'm very happy with this router.. great iitem