Ship­ments Via Heavy Haulage

If your order cannot be shipped by parcel service due to its size or weight, our logistics team will opt for delivery by a freight forwarding service.

A freight forwarding delivery usually takes a little longer than a standard parcel delivery. You can find shipping costs and the approximate delivery times to the respective destination country here.

The freight forwarder will contact you to arrange for a delivery date. For this purpose, we have provided the forwarding company with the telephone number you have given us.

If you cannot be reached at this number during the day, please contact us immediately. When you make an appointment, allow a small time buffer in case the forwarding agent is a little late.

There is no consignment number for this type of delivery, which means tracking is not possible.

The delivery costs have already been paid. The freight forwarder's employee is not authorised to charge you any further delivery costs or fees unless you have made special arrangements directly with the freight forwarder.

Our freight forwarding delivery includes the delivery of the goods "free kerbside", i.e. the goods are unloaded from the vehicle but not carried into your house, apartment or business premises or assembled.

If you require assistance from the forwarding agent or, in the case of apartment buildings, would like delivery to your floor into your apartment or to the correct room, you can contact us. Please note that this will incur additional costs which, depending on the delivery company in your region, may not be insignificant.

If the goods are to be stored temporarily after delivery, please check beforehand that nothing is in the way and that the carrier can also get through with a lift truck.

We have packed your goods so that they are protected in the best possible way during transport and do not suffer any damage. To ensure this, the goods may even have been palletised and carefully wrapped.

Our tip: Have a box cutter (be careful not to damage the goods themselves!) and a few bin liners ready when you take delivery.

Please check the delivery for completeness and for any visible transport damage (e.g. holes, tears, dented cardboard boxes) while the driver is still present. With your signature you confirm the complete and proper receipt of the shipment; the forwarding agent cannot be held responsible afterwards. Therefore, please note any abnormalities on the delivery note or the driver's scanner.

If the consignment is so badly damaged that you have the impression that the goods could never have survived the transport, you can refuse acceptance. Even if you only discover damage later, you can still make a claim. Photos of the packaging and the damage (mobile phone camera is sufficient) are helpful.

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any questions, you can of course contact us at any time.

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