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BSS Audio AR133


Active DI Box (Battery/ Phantom Powered)

  • Inputs: XLR and 6.3mm jack
  • Link: 6.3mm jack
  • Output: XLR
  • Output with ground lift
  • Pad: -20/ 40 dB
  • Galvanic isolation
Item number 122350
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Multi-Channel Unit No
Channels 1
Active / Passive Active
19" No
Pad switchable Yes
Gnd/Lift switchable Yes
Powered by battery Yes
Speaker Simulation No
1.599 kr
Including VAT; Excluding kr200 shipping
In stock
In stock

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320 Reviews

My choice DI
Kar0l 30.03.2018
I've been looking for a new DI for tracking bass and guitar. After some hefty research, I narrowed my options down to the following:

- BSS AR133 (EUR 105,-)
- Radial J48 EUR (235,-)
- Neve RNDI (EUR 299,-)

I plugged my Ibanez SR650 into each of these DI's, into my Focusrite 44. I tracked some parts in both active and passive setting. My findings:

BSS AR133: It doesn't look very slick. With its huge rubber sides, it does look indestructible. The sound is clear and transparent, with very low noise.

Radial J48: It looks good, and also definitely feels sturdy enough. The sound is noticeably warmer than the BSS, more analogue sounding. It sounds great, but definitely colored.

Neve RNDI: Looks wise, this is clearly the winner of the three. Like the BSS, it sounds very clear, even, and moderate in the lows.

The BSS and the Neve sound the most natural and clear, which is what I am looking for in a DI. I want the cleanest sound possible to feed to a pre-amp. However, the sound difference between these two is very small to my ears. So small, that it doesn't warrant the price difference.

Hence, my choice is the BSS AR133. It sounds great, is super sturdy, and very affordable. Recommended!


Extremely versatile, great sounding DI Box - Worth the price!
Joel Nichols 14.05.2013
While it may be pricey, it's fair to say this DI Box is definitely worth every penny! he design itself is of such a high standard that's it's been copied by numerous other manufacturers, but never beaten. The curved design allows easy stacking of multiple boxes, ideal for keyboard rigs, but also routing of cables underneath the box itself, perfect for tidy stages.

Connections are perfectly standard until you come to the XLR Input, which makes this box a fantastic problem solver. If you turn your main system on and find the whole system buzzing or humming, there's a good chance you're suffering a ground loop problem. No issue here! Just patch the main outputs of your desk into two of these boxes, throw in two 9V batteries (another useful "get out of jail" feature!), flick the ground lift on and go and worry about something more important! This feature bailed me out recently in a local theatre, saving a lot of embarrassment from a buzzing system!

In terms of sound quality, if it had a particular sound characteristic, it really wouldn't be doing it's job very well! Clean and clear is the order of the day here, with the AR-133 capturing very natural sound from whatever it;s used on. Acoustic guitars come through with warmth, but without a hint of mud, while the top end is clear and distinct without being harsh. Basses sound full with plenty of punch, and overall, whatever you put into this box will come out without any coloration; exactly what you want with a DI!

Finally, it's worth making a point about the construction quality. DI Boxes inevitably get kicked around the stage, dropped while being carelessly carried out of trunks, used as door wedges and suffer numerous other abuses - this one handles it with no issue. There isn't even the merest hint of creaking when the case is abused, the rubber is solid, and - I speak from experience - a drop doesn't phase it! It's also worth mentioning that all the connectors are Neutrik - I've lost track of the number of times a lock on an XLR input has snapped or bent over time if it isn't Neutrik, no worries here!

All in all, while it is an investment, it's sure to last you for many years, and prove invaluable in all sorts of situations.


My Expectations Are Met
Paolo O. 29.06.2020
I basically like the sound of my guitar when it goes through an active DI box before it goes into my audio interface's line input as compared to going straight into instrument input or Hi-Z input. However, there's white noise coming out of my old DI box. So I searched for a possible better replacement until I was able to narrow it down to only one which is the BSS AR133.

The BSS AR133 is definitely a quite active DI box. Also, the BSS AR133 is transparent sounding as it doesn't color the sound like the first active DI box I owned (a more expensive active DI box than BSS AR133). So now I feel that what I am hearing in my DAW is really my guitar's true tone because the BSS AR133 isn't getting in the way by doing its job well. In short, you won't know what you're missing until you try this awesome gear!

- Transparent sound quality
- Build quality
- Built like a tank
- Neutrik input and output connectors
- Through the BSS AR133, my guitar's DI sound now sounds like a guitar coming out of my studio monitor speakers because of the absence of artifacts.

Very minor but I was a bit surprised that there isn't a battery holder in the battery compartment as compared to the noisy cheap DI box it is replacing.

Highly recommended. Proven to be the industry standard.


Robust, reliable And universal
Chris_2 04.01.2022
Can be used for everything. Great product and had it for 4 years and no problems.