Behringer DR112DSP


Active 12" 2-Way PA Speaker with DSP and Bluetooth

  • For live and playback applications
  • Class-D + Class-AB amplifier with 1200 Watt power
  • Equipped with: 12" Speaker and 1.35" compression driver
  • Frequency range: 50 - 19,000 Hz
  • Max. SPL: 134 dB
  • Powerful DSP functions with optimisation for 4 sound programs: Music, live, language, DJ / CLUB
  • System control and 2-way speaker protection and built-in Bluetooth 4.2 receiver
  • 2-Channel mixer with individual microphone / line inputs and volume controls
  • Class-D Amplifier
  • Boost switchable to 80, 100, 120 or 150 Hz
  • Additional line output allows connection of additional speaker systems
  • 35 mm stand flange
  • Trapezoidal housing design for different positioning options - Tripod mounting via 35 mm tripod flange, lateral inclination for use as a floor monitor
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 602 x 359 x 359 mm
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Suitable cover: Art. 410589 (not included in delivery)
Available since November 2019
Item number 470895
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power (Manufacturers Specs) 1200 W
Bass Speaker in Inch 12"
Ways 2-Way
Colour Black
Weight 17 kg
Housing Material Plastic
Analog Inputs 3
Microphone Input 2
Line Out XLR
Media Player No
Remote Control No
Effects No
Low Cut Yes
Monitor Angle Yes
Width 359 mm
Depth 359 mm
Sound Pressure in dB 134 dB
Height 602 mm
Number of HT Speaker 1
Number of HT Speakers 1
Number of HT-Speaker 1
HT Speaker in Inch 1,35
Number of Midrange Speaker 0
Midrange Speaker in Inch without
Number of Bass Speaker 1
Number of Bass Speakers 1
Accu No
Stand Flange 35 mm
Construction Standard
Flyable No
Construction Type Standard
Using for PA
Line Input Yes
Main EQ 1
Master EQ 1
Voice Assistant No
Beam Angle Hor 90 °
Handheld / Headset No
Beam Angle Ver 70 °
Wireless Mic Handhleld / Headset No
Beam Angle (Hor) 90 °
Frequency Range (-3dB) from 50 Hz
Frequency Range (-3dB) to 19000 Hz
Active Cooler 1
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60 Reviews

Something doesn't feel right...
sacilc 07.07.2020
- Bass is really solid, can forgo sub in small/medium spaces
- EQ capable of adapting to most situations
- Range of inputs to support karaoke, village fete, fitness class, house party, BBQ, you get the idea...
-Considering price, sound is more than I expected!
-Wants to be played LOUD!

- Quite noticeable "hiss", especially with master gain set to 0db. Bluetooth silence also has additional "signal noise & pops/crackles". Frustrating because high master gain is often required... see next point.
- Limiter comes on frequently, at very low output volumes. Hours of playing around, setting inputs to unity, limiter is always overactive if the Master gain is set lower than -10db. example: a fixed input level is limited at -20db, but not at -9db. Limiter comes on less the closer you get to unity on the output gain, but is unfazed by the input signal at the same setting? I don't get it.
- Neither input seems to register a visual "signal" on the DSP display until you turn the master gain past 0db. Is it visualising peak?
- Bluetooth input gain is "fixed" audibly lower than other inputs. Uses master gain so you stuck with using -10db to 0db or more (hisssss) or limiter kicks in. BT Range is more like 5m. A man carried a table between myself and speaker and the connection "broke".
- Aux line in gain uses input 1 gain, yet is audibly much lower volume than input 1 itself. Might make balancing 2Mic and a music track a bit awkward.
-Good looking box, just wish badge was stuck on straight! For what might be considered a cheaper brand, simple details like this go a long way to improve image.
- Wants to be played LOUD, as listening at low levels reveals a few annoyances.

- You do get alot for your money. I really can't fault the features and sound volume plus the ability to tweak EQ to my needs is excellent.
-Wouldn't want to lend or rent it out as it needs some attention with the DSP concerning levels and tuning.
-Time will tell if the Limiter "settles down" or if it is actually indicating something is wrong.


Behringer DR112DSP
Thomannist 11.12.2022
Good quality. Light weight. Good sound.


Excellent value for money!
GeorgeP. 04.09.2021
At this price point you can't get a better all around active speaker. Quality is great and features are more than enough for the application needed. You will have to pay more than twice the price to get a better speaker and that's more than enough to recommend this. Thanks!


Finally Behringer have updated
delmac 07.04.2020
ok I have read a lot of reviews regarding these speakers I have in my possession over 30 pairs of different speakers from other manufacturers I have an original set of 115 behringers ive had them for around 6 years now and I have never had a problem they are used week in week out hence the reason I decided to give these a go... behringers new updated speakers I love the newer design they are a lot better looking that there old design also they have more depth to them which gives out more base now bare in mind this is a 12 inch speaker and the base on these is exceptional for a speaker in this price range, a few extra features like auto standby and bluetooth is rather handy also the fact it now has a little digital display means less knobs to be broken on the back of the speakers the build quality is really good moulded plastic just like most speakers these days rated at 134db and a 1200 watt amplifier as well these have plenty of power for most needs and you won't be disappointed if you purchase them


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