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Thomann DP-95 B

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Digital Piano

  • Accompaniment
  • 88 Weighted keys with hammer action keyboard
  • 500 Sounds
  • 200 Styles
  • 60 Internal songs
  • 2 Demo songs
  • LCD
  • 128 Voice polyphony
  • Harmony
  • Reverb
  • Sequencer (3 user songs)
  • Sync start, sync stop
  • Intro/ ending
  • Fill in A, fill in B
  • One touch setting
  • Chord mode
  • Dual/ split mode
  • Metronome
  • Transpose function
  • 3 Pedals
  • Key Cover
  • USB to host (Midi only, Windows 8 or later, Mac OS X 10.8 or later)
  • Connections: 2 headphones, USB MIDI, MIDI in/ out, aux in/ out
  • Speaker: 2x 25 W + 2x 20 W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1380 x 514 x 906 mm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Colour: black
Available since April 2015
Item number 352288
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Finish Opaco
Number of keys 88
Wooden Keys No
Ivory Feel Keyboard No
Pressure point simulation No
Keyboard cover Yes
Sounds 500
Polyphony 128
Arranger Yes
Styles 200
Display Yes
Sequencer Yes
Learn mode No
Bluetooth Audio No
Bluetooth Midi No
"Half-pedal" option No
Audio out Yes
Audio input Yes
Midi Interface IN / OUT
USB to Host Yes
USB to Device No
Speaker Power 2x 25 W, 2x 20 W
Size 1380 x 514 x 90
Weight 53,0 kg
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7.399 kr
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In stock

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The entertainer piano

The Thomann DP-95 is a real multi-talent. As a full-featured digital piano, it offers all of the sounds and functions you will need to practice the piano. But there is more to it than that: Thanks to the integrated auto-accompaniment feature, anybody can be an entertainer. The many rhythms and sounds invite you to play, improvise, and have fun – transforming your living room into a concert hall and dancefloor. In this way, practising becomes much more fun, and concert pianists and entertainers of all ages are sure to get their money’s worth. Available in black or white, this all-rounder is a pleasing eye-catcher in every living room.

Thomann DP-95 B Digital Piano

A real multi-talent

The DP-95 combines the classic functions of a digital piano – such as high-quality grand piano sounds, a hammer action keyboard with weighted keys, and an integrated metronome – with the huge range of sounds that you would expect from an entertainer keyboard. A full 500 rich timbres and 200 rhythms ensure that boredom won’t ever set in. The rhythms invite you to jam, offering a great variety for practising. And if you want to, the DP-95 will help you become an entertainer within your own four walls and a star at every party. The four powerful speakers won't disappoint your ears, either. However, if you wish, the DP-95 can also do things quietly: It features two headphone outputs to ensure that practising even late at night is no problem.

Screen on the Thomann DP-95 B Digital Piano

Diversity makes the difference

Most digital pianos are limited to a handful of tones – two to three grand piano sounds and a few organs and string sounds. With the DP-95, however, it’s a whole different matter: With 500 sounds in total, it covers almost every instrument you can imagine. This way, practising isn’t just way more fun, the wide range of sounds also inspire creativity and invite you to experiment. Together with the rhythms, they allow an expressive interpretation of many popular hits. The DP-95 also has a classic side, though: Thanks to its high-quality grand piano sound, velocity-sensitive weighted keys, and three pedals, it is a digital piano in all aspects, but nevertheless one that has some aces up its sleeve.

Thomann logo on the DP-95 B Digital Piano

About Thomann Digital Pianos

Thomann-brand instruments, which are exclusively built by renowned manufacturers, now constitute a large part of Thomann’s product range alongside numerous big-name brands. With unbeatable price-performance ratios, Thomann digital pianos are the obvious first choice for students and beginners – and others too. The technical features and uncompromising sound quality they offer are usually reserved for much more expensive instruments found in the professional market segment.

Connections on the Thomann DP-95 B Digital Piano
Keys on the Thomann DP-95 B Digital Piano

The right connection for everything

The DP-95 is an entertainer keyboard with the appearance of a digital piano. Practising the piano, making music together, and having fun – it is indeed a musical all-rounder for the whole family. An essential aspect here are the appropriate connections: Besides the two headphone outputs, the DP-95 offers an AUX input with which you can easily play music from a music player or smartphone, and on top of that an AUX output to connect it to an amplifier. Not that an amplifier is really needed, thanks to the powerful integrated speakers. Moreover, it is also highly compatible with computers: Thanks to its MIDI input and output, as well as the USB port, it can be used in combination with music software on a computer, which opens up additional opportunities.

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269 Reviews

Excellent piano for an excellent price
Stevenk418 14.07.2020
This piano is amazing for it's price point. Delivery was quick and hassle free and the instrument came in perfect condition.

The keys feel great compared to other digital pianos I've played and the pedals have a great feel of resistance without being too stiff.

What really blows me away are the number of features in this beast. The sheer number of voices is phenomenal and almost all of them are fantastic sounding; even the synth sounds.

In addition, the teaching and accompaniment features are vast and a surprising bonus.

Lastly, I also use this as a midi controller and it works awesomely; setup is hassle free and the responsiveness is excellent.

If you're looking for a great looking, great sounding piano for yourself, family, or home, you will not find a better instrument for this price point.

Don't think twice, buy it, play it, enjoy it!


For the money, it cannot be bettered
crowriver 20.12.2018
I am sure that you can buy a nice Yamaha that will be a better digital piano than this. Only problem is it will cost three times as much.

This piano is fantastic for all our family to learn how to play. It looks pretty good, the samples of grand piano and so on are excellent. The keys have a nice weight to them, almost like an acoustic instrument. Great range of different voices, styles to explore: as well as piano, organ etc. there are percussion instruments, strings, even including some SFX sounds. I like that in future it could also be used as a MIDI controller or even to record direct with stereo outputs.

The package with stool and headphones is very good value. Easy to assemble the stand and stool in just a couple of hours. Delivery to Scotland was surprisingly quick, and the friendly driver even helped me up three flights of stairs with it, even though I knew he didn't have to.

Overall I am very pleased with this instrument, and I am sure it will give all our family much enjoyment over a number of years.


Above all expectations!
rishat 20.12.2020
I needed an affordable instrument at home so that both the kids could practice and the adults could spend some time rehearsing. Plus, we needed an instrument that would have a line and a MIDI outputs. This one has it all, — and works great!

- fantastic build quality
- the feel is just right, the keys are very responsive
- decent built-in audio, the dynamic range is accurate
- and when you want to keep it quiet, you can plug headphones in

- a good hundred of the 500 sounds in the library are quite useless (for example, there's one called "Sheep"; guess what it is)

Side-notes: I struggle to find the settings to pick a different key sensitivity curve, seems like there's none, — not a big deal, but this means you'll probably need to adjust your play to the instrument, not the other way around. And maybe it's me, but the MIDI output is messing with velocity, it's not very accurate.

Bottom line, awesome instrument, I consider myself lucky buying this one!


Incredible value weighted digital grand piano. Unbeatable at this price.
Mr. MM 06.01.2022
Fantastic value for a full size, weighted grand piano. Hundreds of great sounding instruments and multiple different grand, concert, and electric pianos, midi connection and all the basic outputs you'd expect to find, plus a wealth of controls and settings.
Easy for a beginner or casual user to learn and enjoy the basics of quickly, but also with enough tweakability to satisfy anyone who’s particular about how they want their instrument set up too.

Build quality is very good, heavy weight and solid, sturdy feel thats comparable with some of the bigger industry leading names in digi pianos (the brand name starting with “R” springs to mind immediately) but at half the price.

Very very pleased with this unit. I’ve owned it 2 years now and it’s never given me a moment of trouble. Highly recommended. I’ve not seen better value at this price point.