Shakmat Modular Banshee Reach

Eurorack Module

  • Analogue VCO with digital control
  • Through-Zero frequency modulation and phase modulation
  • Shape control for crossfading from sine to triangle and sawtooth to square/pulse
  • Shape CV input with an attenuator that also serves as a waveshaper
  • Adjustable sub-oscillator, switchable from -1 to -2 octaves
  • Controls for coarse and fine-tuning and switchable octave mode
  • Hard-sync and soft-sync selectable
  • Switchable LFO mode
  • Disorder mode modulates the VCO core with a digital random voltage (suitable for atonal sounds and drum sounds)
  • Pitch input (1V/oct.) and linear FM input
  • CV inputs for all parameters
  • Vari output with mix of shape waveform (with square wave or PWM) and sub-oscillator
  • Pulse, sawtooth and sine outputs
  • Power consumption: 92mA (+12V) / 52mA (-12V)
  • Width: 8 U
  • Depth: 21 mm
Available since March 2023
Item number 562969
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Analog Yes
Digital No
Width 8 TE / HP
3.666 kr
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