the t.racks Power Conditioner 12


Network Stabiliser

  • To compensate for short fluctuations in the mains voltage and to protect against overvoltage
  • Protects expensive equipment in studios, rental and pro AV areas
  • Also acts as a power distributor
  • Display for voltage and current on the front panel (switchable)
  • Construction principle: microprocessor-controlled toroidal core autoformer
  • 4 x Sockets on the back of the device (CEE 7/3) each with its own thermal overload protection (10 A)
  • Working range: 190 - 253 volts AC
  • Automatic safety shutdown at 275 V.
  • Input: 1x Power Twist type TR1 (max. 16 A total current)
  • Front USB for charging and operating mobile devices (no data exchange)
  • Format: 19"/ 2U
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 483 x 400 x 88 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Includes power cord
available since September 2019
Item number 463191
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number of Outputs 8
Connector For Lamps No
Voltage Display LCD
Design 19", 2U
Total load 16 A
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Amazing for the money.
Brusart 07.04.2021
You get what you expect.
I've been using it for a while now and had no flaws so far.

I'm using this as a power strip for my amps/pedals on live stages and rehearsal places. It keeps my tube amps stable in sound and power, on top of that it prevents my gear from possible damage caused by the venues we're playing. The extra cost and weight is worth it WHEN this might happen (hopefully never).

I've read a complaint about the noises it produces but I can assure you this is barely hearable. It depends on your 'studio' situation, I cannot imagine hearing the unit on any recording when it's sat 2 meters from the microphone. It's definitely not a noisy product!

What makes it so much cheaper then?

- It has NO noise filtering.
- It takes up to 2U in your rack.
- unusable with different voltages across the world.
- finishing quality --> It is built like a tank but mine had a crooked on/off switch.. It works perfectly but this is not supposed to be shipped like this.

Equivalents from Furman are very expensive, to me the price difference isn't worth it. I truly recommend this product!


Definitely works more than its price
Georgii 24.07.2020
After an incident when I could have lost my equipment on the road, it was decided to exclude possible repetition of the incident. It is really heavy but still tolerable for the Studio often moving around various halls. Microphones with transformers in the design (U87 Ai in the first place) showed a complete absence of network noise. In the signal at high amplification values, only the noise of microphone preamps (clarett 8pre usb) is observed (this is absolutely objective). Genelec 8030c began to play drier but more accurately (perhaps a subjective opinion). The guys from Thomann made a definitely great fun for the requested money. Recommended for purchase. After some time, I will make an update about its behavior.


Problems with HDMI
Andreas Kaufmann 18.02.2023
Wir können diesen Power Conditioner leider nicht einsetzen. Geplant war, dass das Gerät nicht nur zwei Amps und den Mixer versorgt, sondern auch noch ein wenig Licht und zwei Projektoren. Die benötigte Leistung von max 600W war kein Problem. Leider haben die Projektoren das HDMI Signal nicht mehr stabil empfangen können. Dabei war das HDMI Kabel nicht einmal in der Nähe verlegt. Kurios ist zudem, dass das Problem selbst dann auftrat, wenn alle Verbraucher über eine separate Steckerleiste angeschlossen wurden. Es reichte, den Power Conditioner einzustecken. Er musste nicht einmal eingeschaltet werden, um das HDMI Problem zu reproduzieren. Weiss nicht ob das ein fehlerhaftes Gerät ist. Die Anleitung warnt jedenfalls nicht vor Kompatibilitätsproblemen und gibt auch keine Informationen über die genaue Funktionsweise.


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Todo se escucha mejor, pero es MUY RUIDOSO, lo devuelvo sin pensarlo.
Yeraii 19.11.2021
Todo se escucha mucho mejor...mas claro, los transientes salen fuera de los altavoces, la separación es mayor y el espaciado entre elementos es más audible, realmente eso lo hace.

Es robusto y pesado, la fabricación es buena.

Lo único malo es que es MUY RUIDOSO. Quiero aclarar tienes un home estudio NO AISLADO acústicamente, vas a escucharlo, y seguramente muchas veces pase desapercibido por el mero hecho de que lo va a enmascarar otros ruido, pero cuando tienes una sala aislada y acondicionada, el zumbido sobre los 1,5khz -3khz te va a parecer una molestia absoluta, de verdad. Pasé de tener una sala perfectamente silenciosa y que sonaba de lujo a tener un zumbido fijo, aunque esto no va a durar mucho.

El mío cuando me llegó, hice las pruebas de comparación, el antes y el después y realmente solana todo mejor. Pero desafortunadamente nada más enchufarlo ya supe que iba a ser una gran molestia...claramente lo voy a devolver. En el futuro si toman trabaja en este aspecto, seguramente lo compre de vuelta.

Devuelvo este, y compro un Furman de Gama alta.