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The ESP Guitar Company was founded in 1975 by Hisatake Shibuya. The head office is in Tokyo (JAP). The official German office is the company Sound Service GmbH in Rangsdorf (D).

Further brands of The ESP Guitar Company are Grassroots Guitars, Edwards Guitars as well as Ltd Guitars.

We currently list 350 ESP Guitars products 151 of them are available for immediate dispatch . We've had ESP products in our range since 1997.

At the moment you can find a total of 6910 media, tests and reviews on ESP Guitars products - among them the following 3851 product pictures, 602 sample sounds, 2399 customer reviews and 58 test reports from magazines (in various languages).

In our current top seller lists you will find a total of 29 ESP top sellers, among others in the following categories Heavy Guitars, Single Cut Guitars, 5-String Heavy Basses, Premium Guitars, Lefthanded Guitars, Baritone Guitars and Miscellaneous 5-String Basses.

A highlight and favourite is the following product ESP LTD EC-1000 Vintage Black, of which we have sold recently more than 2.000.

ESP products belong to the most visited ones on our website. Most recently over 1.5 million product pages of ESP have been hit per month.

ESP equipment is used by many famous musicians amongst them are the following Jeff Hanneman, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, George Lynch, Richie Sambora, Ron Wood, Travis Miguel and Stephen Carpender.

We also offer our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for ESP products, a 3-year warranty, and many additional services such as qualified product specialists, an on-site service department and much more.

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