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SSL Fusion B-Stock

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Analog Stereo Master Processor

  • Includes 6 new circuits for signal processing and tone colouring in one device
  • Vintage Drive: Saturation for harmonic overtones and subtle compression
  • Violet EQ: Newly developed 2-band equalizer (shelving characteristic) with 4 selectable frequencies per band and +/- 9 dB stroke
  • High Frequency Compressor: Frequency-selective compressor to round off the high-frequency range and control unwanted transients
  • Stereo Image: Analogue M / S matrix for stereo broadening
  • Transformer: Switchable SSL transformer for subtle emphasis on bass and treble
  • Listen Mic Compressor: powerful compression with lots of punch, ideal e.g. B. for drums, via dry / wet control also for parallel compression
  • Switchable insert
  • Input and output level controls
  • Switchable high-pass filter with 3 frequencies
  • Level meter
  • Bypass switch
  • 2 XLR inputs
  • 2 XLR outputs
  • Dimensions: 19" / 2 U
Available since December 2018
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An analogue "fusion"

With the Fusion, SSL offers a completely analogue 2U stereo outboard processor that integrates perfectly into modern recording studio setups thanks to its outstanding flexibility and can be accommodated in a 19" rack setup. The Fusion comprises six completely redesigned circuits for signal processing and sound colouration whose purpose is to add tonal character, richness, and depth to the mix bus or mastering chain. Everything has been clearly arranged in a practical signal chain and optimised for a fast workflow, and the SSL Fusion promises convincing results with an analogue flavour in no time.

Controls on the SSL Fusion Analog Stereo Master Processor

Signal chain with character

At the beginning and at the end of the signal chain, the Fusion has trim pots with which the output volume can be adjusted to the input volume. This adjustment becomes especially important when carrying out settings on the vintage drive section, which adds more overtones and a slight compression to the sound by means of a pleasant saturation. After the drive section, the Violet EQ provides more punch and shine with its two-band shelving filter, and excessively harsh highs can in turn be tamed with the high-frequency compressor. The stereo imager generates more width in the stereo field; in addition, low frequencies can be opened up in width or focused in the middle with the Space control. And at the end of the chain, the transformer provides some additional colour.

Closeup of the SSL Fusion Analog Stereo Master Processor

At home in the modern recording studio

Users who are mixing or mastering and are looking for a device that combines numerous functions from different units may find what they are looking for in the SSL Fusion. As an analogue outboard processor, the Fusion can add more colour to the sound, especially when working with a long chain of plug-ins on a computer. In addition, the efficient structure of its various sections improves workflow considerably - ideal for the studio, where time is, after all, extremely precious. It doesn't matter whether the Fusion is used in a fully analogue or a hybrid studio, and it also eliminates the need for other analogue outboard devices when used in hybrid studio applications thanks to its flexible application options.

Input Trim on the SSL Fusion Analog Stereo Master Processor

About SSL

Solid State Logic (SSL), is a renowned British manufacturer of high-end mixing consoles and hardware. It was founded in 1969 by Colin Sanders and is based in Begbroke, Oxfordshire. Initially the company developed transistors to control church organs, hence the name Solid State Logic. At the end of the 1970s they made huge advances in the domain of large mixing consoles with the 4000 series which pioneered the oncoming era of the ‘super’ consoles. Later, the 6000 and 9000 series also proved to be a great success and are still being used in countless recording studios all over the world. In 2005, Peter Gabriel and David Engelke took a majority stake in the company and then sold it to the Audiotonix Group in 2017.

Creative sound processing

The SSL Fusion expands the creative possibilities of sound processing in the recording studio. For example, the vintage drive section not only adds colour and saturation, it also adds more distortion, which can be used creatively, especially on individual tracks such as bass guitar and drums. The high-frequency compressor musically lowers the treble to create a duller "vintage" sound on vocals, and if the treble has been turned up too much with the Violet EQ, the high frequency compressor can also be used to control the treble and create a bright top end in the mix that never sounds harsh. Bass frequencies can also be cut at 30Hz, 40Hz, or 50Hz using the HP filter and then boosted more with the Violet EQ without losing control and without the bass becoming too "boomy".