Behringer X Air XR18


18 Channel Digital Mixer

  • Remote controlled via built-in router with Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Multi Channel USB Audio Interface
  • 4 Integrated Effects processors
  • 100 Band Analyser
  • Free iOS, Android and other software apps available
  • Dimensions: 333 x 149 x 140 mm
  • Weight: 3,2 kg
  • Includes: Rack-mount
  • Optional bag: Gator G-Mixerbag-1306, Article Nr: 379654 (not included)


  • Mic/Line: 16x XLR/1/4" Combo jack inputs
  • Line: 2x 1/4" (6.3 mm) jacks
  • Main-Out XLR
  • 6x AUX/Monitor Sends
  • Stereo Headphone output
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Ultranet Monitor connectivity

Further Information

Buses 6
Inputs 18
Channels (max. amount) 18
DCA (Digitally Contr. Amp.) Yes
Card Slot (external) No
Touchscreen No
Offline Editing Yes
Demountable Stagebox No
External Power Supply No
Port For Ext. Power Supply No
19" Rack Unit Yes
Built in Audio player No
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4.7 / 5.0
  • handling
  • features
  • sound
  • quality
273 written ratings Read all reviews

Awesome bit of kit that will change gigging bands for the better

TomTheBear, 10.09.2015
This is a fantastic little unit that is very easy to use and amazingly priced for what your getting.

Lets start with the size. It is essentially a digital 3u stage box with all your ins and outs llocated on the front of this box. It comes with its own rack ears if you want to rack mount it in a 19" rack case (which is what I did for easy transportation).

Once you have plugged all of your ins and outs into it, then all the operation comes from a wireless device such as an iPad, laptop or android. The unit has its own wifi router so connection to a device couldn't be simpler.

The free app that runs the unit is fantastic. Very easy to use and logical and contacts some great effects units such as reverbs, delays, compressors, and eq's. It is also very easy to route monitor mixes to any of the 6 auxiliary mixes.

A few negatives not so much about the unit but in functionality and in use. Firstly, because i have a slightly older iPad, it doesn't quite keep up with the app and the XR18 which (I assume) requires a very fast CPU to run it. I would like it to be a bit quicker and it sometimes loses connection and can become a little bit clunky. I don't believe this to down to the actual unit, more about my iPad but it is still an inconvenience when trying to mix live. I would recommend running the app off of a laptop or a newer, faster iPad.

My other comment would be that it is very difficult to get a great easy sound and setup quickly. I, like many run a function band and whilst i do the sound, I also play piano. Before with analogue desks this was easy as you could set it all up in sound check and merely tweak it throughout the performance. This is much harder with this unit. The way around this is to rely on presets prior to your gig. Get the mixer set up as much as you can including auxiliary mixes, effects, eq's and then save that as a preset. Then its much easier to tweak throughout your gig.

Overall, its a fantasict unit that i think is really going to change the live sound game. Bearing in mind its a digital desk for under £1000 and a good one at that, i think this will be a very popular product. The other note I must add is that when I purchased mine, you could not get them for love nor money in the UK. Everywhere was sold out and had unrealistic wait times.......everywhere except Thomann. I ordered mine and had it within 5 days. Very happy!!
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Amazing value for money, it's pretty much a slightly stripped down X32

Konstantinos A., 30.05.2016
If the amount of inputs are enough for the application, then this unit has pretty much anything you might need.
Some of the more sophisticated options the X32 has aren't available, but I guess they did that so there's some incentive to buy an X32 if you're in a more pro setting.

I'll do a pros and cons list.


Very compact, especially considering what you get for that tiny size.
Huge amount of sonic control with parametric and graphic EQs, gates and compressors around, not to mention the big collection of effects/outboard-gear-simulators.
Very versatile routing options with Individual channel and bus(aux) settings.
Built in router can get you started or work as a backup in an emergency.
Scene saving and recalling (goes without saying for a digital console...).
Also works as an audio interface.

Cons (most are just minor incoveniences to be honest):

Behringer kinda rushed to put the XR series on the market and to this day there's no official manual to my knowledge, there's a wiki and plenty of stuff online though so you're not thrown in the deep by yourself.
You will eventually probably need an external router.
Some delay options for more sophisticated PA setups would be handy.
Scenes do not recall effects correctly and generally the android app, though quite good, could use some more refining (haven't tried out the iPad app).
Sockets-plugs are not bad, but I would be willing to pay a bit more for some higher quality ones like Neutrik.
No expansion capabilities for more inputs-outputs (I estimate that if Behringer made a 24 channel version of this mixer, it would sell like crazy because 16 is kinda minimal for a typical band).

I leave this for last and outside the list because it must be a personal issue cause I couldn't find anyone else having the same problem online, but for some reason I can't get the unit to work with system sound in my Windows PC (everything related with the ASIO drivers works fine).
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