Thomann Student Cello Set 4/4


Cello Set

  • Size: 4/4
  • Top and back made of plywood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard made of black stained maple
  • Fine tuning tail piece
  • Pegs made of jujube
  • Bag, composite bow and rosin included
  • Made ready to play in Germany in the Thomann specialist string workshop
Available since August 2015
Item number 369598
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Fretbboard Erable
Massive Top No
Flamed Back No
Housse incl. Yes
Etui rigide incl. No
Incl. Bow Yes
Lefthand Model No
4.999 kr
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24 Reviews

Excellent for students and starters
Pascal P 04.02.2020
I purchased this instrument to start taking Cello lessons. The cello has a very fair and good sound for its price and for this purpose. Wood, finishings, and overall instrument quality is also nice and pleasant. Even my teacher was impressed by the instrument's sound and quality, compared to its price.

Few things to note, in the first months, the tuning pegs had a tendency to lose their setup every time the instrument was left unused for 1-2 days, but by the time they started retaining the last tuning.

In overall, it is an excellent choice for a starter, and after 1-2 years you can change the factory strings and bow with better accessories and go to the next level.


Cello for music video
MudiDabi 12.04.2018
I bought this cheap basic cello for our music video only. It looks good for my purpose and it doesn?t sound bad with good strings. I appreciate good adjustement by Thomann team, I have good feeling when I play it. And thanks for very fast delivery. It is amazing to have cello with bow and cover for this money.


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Good looking, but weakly build
JSDe 27.09.2020
To be 100% transparent, the first one I received via UPS was broken: the neck was detached from the body. So I ordered a second one. Great customer service by Thomann, as always.

The second one, now: good news, the neck was attached to the body. The setting was pretty good; playable from the get-go without a professional setting by a luthier.

Beginner cellist, experienced musician.

SOUND : the strings are terrible. Which is understandable for a 400€ cello (a good set of strings being worth 150€ at least). After I changed the strings, it sounds better. Almost good. My cello teacher said "it would do". The sound is weak; it clearly doesn't project like a good cello does.
After comparison with a much better cello I play with now, it is a strange conundrum ; because this cello is relatively quiet and not so responsive, you can get away with technical imperfections et little errors that would sound horrific on a better instrument. Your intonation is what it is, no miracle here, but you can get by with sloppy bowing, because those squeaks and squeals are much softer. It's a more forgiving instrument for beginners. You can't sound really good with it, but you also don't sound terrible. Which can be a plus.
So pros and cons here. Really lacks power, but it is steady in its sound.
On that level, great value for the price.

It looks beautiful. Honestly, the finish is, if simple, elegant.

It is made of plywood, Which is not ideal... But, surprisingly, it holds tuning really well, and the set-up hasn't moved since I got it. And I move it around all the time.

A good beginners' instrument. You will definitively need a upgrade after some time, but it is a okay starting point.
I personnally use it as a "travel cello" ; I am not afraid of it being dommaged or stolen or lost. But I would never play it for any formal occasion (concert or recital or audition or whatever).


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Erstehenswertes Cello für Anfänger
TheKvist 04.02.2019
Alles in allem kann man (fast) nichts bemängeln. Für mich als kompletter Neuling in Sachen Cello scheint das Instrument - soweit natürlich mit den verbauten Materialien möglich - durchaus hochwertig zu sein. Einzig dem Bogen hat bei mir wohl an etwas Liebe gefehlt, denn der Einsatz aus Perlmutt (wenn man denn bei einem so einem Bogen überhaupt so etwas verbaut, aber das tut ja nichts zur Sache) unten im Frosch ist leider mittig gebrochen. Das scheint sich aber nicht auf die strukturelle Integrität des Bogens auszuwirken und so sehe ich gerne darüber hinweg.

Klanglich kann ich leider wenig dazu sagen, ich habe das letzte mal vor 15 Jahren ein Cello solo auf so kurze Entfernung gehört, sonst nur im Orchester und da lässt sich ein entsprechender Vergleich schwer ziehen, aber für mich klingt es absolut zufriedenstellend.

Alle die denken, sich hiermit "schnell mal" ein Cello zuzulegen, seien aber gewarnt. Erstmal müssen die Jungs und Mädels von Thomann ran und das Instrument für euch vorbereiten, daher dürft ihr euch auf ein wenig Wartezeit einstellen. Für mich ist das aber ein absolutes Qualitätsmerkmal des Service, da dem Spiel nach der Lieferung nur noch das Aufsetzen der Brücke, Spannen der Saiten (Vorsicht ist dem geboten, der dabei an eine Gitarre denkt, die Wirbel sprechen quasi sofort an) und Kolophonieren des Bogens im Wege stehen.