Thomann DP-28 Plus

Including 3 months music2me Piano

Including 3 months music2me Piano

In the period from 30 December 2021 through 30 June 2022, when you purchase one of the participating digital pianos, you will receive a 3 month music2me Piano subscription worth over EUR 39.00 (RRP) free of charge.

Digital Piano

  • 88 Weighted keys with hammer action
  • 25 Sounds
  • Metronome
  • 50 Rhythms
  • 192-Note polyphony
  • Modes: Layer, Split, Duo Mode, Twinova
  • Master EQ, Reverb, Chorus, Harmony
  • Music library with 100 preset songs
  • Transpose function
  • Bluetooth Midi for Pianotool App (iOS and Android)
  • Speaker system with 2x 20W
  • 2 Headphone connections
  • MIDI out
  • USB to host (Midi only, Windows 8 or newer, Mac OS X 10.8 or later)
  • Sustain pedal connector
  • Line output
  • Aux In
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1365 x 366 x 134 mm
  • Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes power supply unit, sustain pedal and music rest
  • Matching bags: Art.394939 or Art.146377 (both not included)
  • Suitable stand with 3-way pedal unit: Art.352262 (not included)
available since November 2020
Item number 493572
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Keys 88
Hammer Action Keys Yes
Number of simultaneous Voices 192
Number Of Sounds 25
Effects Yes
Speaker Yes
Headphone Outputs 2
Sequencer Yes
Metronome Yes
Master keyboard function No
Pitch Bend No
Modulation Wheel No
Split Zones 2
Layer Function Yes
MIDI interface 1x Out
Colour Black
Finish Matt
Number of keys 88
Polyphony 192
Sounds 25
Number of Sounds 25
Styles 50
Weight 12,5 kg
Bluetooth Midi 1
Included Accessories Sustain Pedal, Music Stand
Half pedal possible 1
"Half-pedal" option 1
Audio out 1
Audio input 1
Midi Interface OUT
USB to Host 1
Speaker power 2x 20W
Speaker Power 2x 20 W
Size 1365x366x134 mm
Dimensions 1365 x 366 x 134
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3.299 kr
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A compact digital piano for all occasions

Whether you are at home or on stage - the Thomann DP-28 Plus digital piano will stand out no matter what the occasion. Thanks to its 88 keys with hammer mechanism, 25 different sounds, and powerful loudspeaker system, an authentic grand piano feeling is guaranteed - and all that for a very attractive price. Many useful functions, such as integrated rhythm patterns and a music library with 100 songs, facilitate practising and promise plenty of fun and variety. What is more, the DP-28 Plus offers all of the necessary connections and features to allow this digital piano to be used flexibly – as a substitute for a piano at home, as a "second piano" assuring undisturbed playing via headphones, or as a portable stage piano for rehearsals and gigs.

Authentic playing feel

A digital piano is nothing without a good keyboard - and Thomann's DP-28 Plus keyboard knows how to convince in every way. Thanks to their balanced hammer action, the 88 weighted keys ensure a realistic playing feel. Additionally, the powerful loudspeaker system with 2 x 20 watts delivers a rich tone when the 25 integrated sounds are played. And in case you want to avoid making too much noise, you can play the digital piano completely muted, as it comes with two headphone connections. The clear control panel enables a quick selection of every important sound and function. The DP-28 Plus has even more to offer in terms of convenience, however: The integrated Bluetooth interface connects a smartphone or tablet operating with iOs or Android with the DP-28 Plus. The free "PianoToolBox" app then enables convenient operation via a graphical user interface.

Compact and versatile

With its 88 keys with hammer mechanism, 25 sounds, 50 integrated rhythms, and 192-voice polyphony, the Thomann DP-28 Plus combines many characteristics that are usually only found in digital pianos in significantly higher price segments. The Layer, Split, and Twinova modes enable the overlapping of two sounds or the division of the keyboard into two sounds, while the integrated effects guarantee a wide sonic variety. All you need to practise, such as a metronome and a transposition function, is already integrated. What's more, the DP-28 Plus offers a lot of add-ons. The built-in MIDI and USB interfaces facilitate the connection to a computer or further sound generators. And the wireless Bluetooth-MIDI connection gives you unlimited access to the world of music apps for smartphone and tablet.

About Thomann digital pianos

Thomann-brand instruments, which are exclusively built by renowned manufacturers, now constitute a large part of Thomann’s product range alongside numerous big-name brands. With unbeatable price-performance ratios, Thomann digital pianos are the obvious first choice for students and beginners – and others too. The technical features and uncompromising sound quality they offer are usually reserved for much more expensive instruments found in the professional market segment.

Piano feeling in any surroundings

The Thomann DP-28 Plus is a real all-rounder. At home, it is a compact and elegant substitute for an acoustic piano - with the big advantage that you can play silently via headphones. The stand with a triple pedal unit is optionally available and ensures an authentic piano feeling. Besides this, the DP-28 Plus is a good choice for anyone searching for a stage piano to use in rehearsals or at gigs. Despite its hammer mechanism keyboard, it only weighs around 12 kg. This means you can carry it wherever you go - ideally in one of our optional carrying cases. The line output ensures an unproblematic connection with a mixing console or an amplification system, and with the MIDI output, a connection to external sound generators is possible as well. It doesn't matter where and in what setting a piano is needed - the Thomann DP-28 Plus is equipped for all occasions.

87 Customer ratings

62 Reviews

1st digital piano ever
inSPYRatiOnS 21.12.2020
i was sure it'll be out of stock soon. lucky i order it before ends and in less than 10 days i have it in my door(Athens)
definitely it'll be one of the best sellers!!
as for the delivery ,maybe box it should be with more foam,to protect it better,was little anxious till the time i open it and see that's everything ok and nothing broken
i'm not the most expert to talk about instruments but i'm good on search,compare & read reviews
it has so many features that it's difficult to find all these in one digital piano,especially at this price
as for the communication-contact with Greek support nothing less than a huge bravo!! they exceeded my expectations
2 drawbacks after 3 days of use:
1st) the hamming-bumping noise it comes from speakers when u fully press the sustain pedal and the irritating noise that it comes from the coil of the pedal(don't know if i can put something like W-40 to stop it,it's really annoying!!)or i have to replace it
overall it's a sustain pedal(if works right) beyond the competition with other pedals of this price range that included with other digital pianos
2nd)but maybe not so important, and not sure if it's a problem or maybe i only have this..., i can't connect bt "Samsung A71" at any way,i try almost everything and several times. i connect the older phone(Meizu) with no problem at all,it's really fun to control keys-sounds etc from the app
didn't try it yet with another phone or tablet and just hope that Samsung didn't pair it for some reason...
overall i think it's VFM this digital piano,especially if u know to play :)
only time will tell the durability of this nice product!!


Great sound, excellent build quality!
Carsten3 07.12.2020
I already have a great 88 midi controller (Doepfer LMK2) in my studio, but I wanted something that I could simply switch on and practice on. First I was looking at Yamaha or Roland which are in a slightly higher price category. While the Roland FP10 and Yamaha P45 do sound a tad nicer in the demos to my ears (compare to the sound of the DP-28 on Youtube in a couple of reviews, as there aren't any demos on the product page at the time of writing), the DP-28 sounds very, very decent and inspiring. I don't think the difference in sound quality is big at all.

Very easy to use, sounds are great. Of course the keyboard isn't as great as the LMK2 which costs 4 times as much, but still it feels very nice! On top of all that the design looks great, very professional looking. Highly recommended if you're looking for a great piano on a budget!


I probably would think twice about this.
MCVB 25.02.2021
I unfortunately bought this having the luxury of having tried an old version of the DP-26 that a friend had. I expected great things considering it is a newer model and almost a 100 euro more expensive ? Unfortunately I was a little disappointed. Now that is not to say it is not a great piano for the money and an excellent MIDI controller however I have a few gripes. Echoing the reviews of other people the hammering noise on the weighted keys is horrifically loud, I am somewhat more accustomed to it after several weeks playing but it still does make playing without headphones at anything less than 2/3 max volume quite off-putting. Also the pedal squeaks like the actual mechanics of it but it also creates an interference that comes through the speakers at a certain point of depression. In its defense it feels nice the sound quality is beautiful it you can get over the hammering and it looks sleeker than the slightly cheaper DP-26 and DP-5600 but that hammering noise.


Not a bad tool for the money)
Yuliya 15.12.2021
In principle, I am happy with the tool. On the pros: amazing functionality (not a lot / not a little); good, surround sound. sustain pedal in the kit. Among the disadvantages: mechanical sound from pressing keys. In general, I advise you, buy and you will not regret it).


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