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Thomann ComboDesk - designed by Zaor


Producer Workstation

  • Designed by Zaor
  • Ideal for home and project studios
  • Extremely sturdy and ergonomic construction
  • 19" Racks with a total of 2x 3 U
  • Use of 19" units either as 19" rack or as extended desktop (self-configurable)
  • Large desktop platform for monitors and small near-field monitors
  • Pull-out keyboard height adjustable in four steps (90 - 150 mm)
  • Variable legroom depending on keyboard drawer setting: 575 - 665 mm
  • Various cable entry options and cable recess on the rear side
  • Maximum load of drawer: 15 kg
  • Maximum dimensions of keyboard (W x D x H): 1050 x 300 x 150 mm
  • Height of worktop: 773 mm
  • Dimensions of keyboard drawer (W x D x H): 1050 x 300 x 18 mm
  • Overall worktop dimensions (W x D x H): 1250 x 710 x 18 mm
  • Dimensions of worktop to rack unit (W x D x H): 1250 x 406 x 18 mm
  • Dimensions of second level (W x D x H): 1075 x 186 x 18 mm
  • Dimensions of the entire rack unit (W x D x H): 1075 x 304 x 85 mm
  • Dimensions of the cable tray (W x D x H): 1070 x 145 x 18 mm
  • Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 1250 x 710 x 858 mm
  • Includes 24 rack screws with washers
Available since October 2019
Item number 476672
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour White, Black
Keyboard Excerpt Yes
Rackunits 6 U
Width in mm 1250 mm
Depth in mm 710 mm
Height in mm 858 mm
Adjustable Height No
Wheels No
Keyboard Excerpt (W x D x H) in mm 1050 x 300 x 150
4.699 kr
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Compact studio desk with a lot of features

The Thomann ComboDesk is a budget studio desk for all creative artists who have a limited amount of space in their home or project studio but nevertheless don’t want to do without certain important features. The advantages of the ComboDesk include a retractable keyboard shelf that can be adjusted in height in four stages, two 19"/3 HU racks, and a cable duct on the back for cable management. The practical orientation of the ComboDesk with its clever features, its ergonomic compactness, and its stability comes as no surprise, as the desk was co-designed by the company Zaor, which has specialised in studio furniture and accessories.

Producer Workstation Thomann ComboDesk - designed by Zaor

Space-saving design

The work surface of the ComboDesk offers enough space up to the racks for a keyboard and other accessories such as pads, while the height of the second level is ideal for near-field monitors. The two easy-to-reach 19" racks, each 3HU high, are located centrally beneath the upper shelf. If no hardware is used, the tabletop can be extended with the included covering plates, whereby the space underneath the second level can be used. With an area of 1050x300mm, the retractable keyboard shelf offers enough space to hold a master keyboard with up to 49 keys. Moreover, the four-stage height adjustment facility provides plenty of legroom. The cable duct on the back is a highly practical extra that should not be underestimated, as it enables a tidy workspace at all times.

Closeup of the rack on the Thomann ComboDesk - designed by Zaor

For the small home studio

In most home or project studios, rooms are not exclusively used for music production, which means setting up the production environment is often all about making compromises – not only because of the lack of space, but also because of equipment design depending on the respective room. The Thomann ComboDesk solves this problem by featuring a beautiful black and white design as well as an organised and practical shape, which allows you to neatly fit as much equipment as possible into the smallest possible space. This combination makes it a must-have for every creative artist looking for a compact and affordable workspace for composition, recording, and music production.

Producer Workstation Thomann ComboDesk - designed by Zaor

About Thomann accessories

Thomann-brand products enjoy an excellent reputation, which also extends to the field of accessories. Hundreds of products from a wide range of different categories are built to the highest levels of quality and offer an excellent price/performance ratio. The use of high-quality and durable materials and the implementation of sophisticated features usually reserved for products in considerably higher price segments make Thomann accessories go-to products in many instances.

It doesn’t get much more compact than this

The Thomann ComboDesk is a perfect choice wherever a workstation for music production needs to be fitted into a small space. This can be the case for living rooms, hobby rooms, and bedrooms but also for rehearsal spaces and recording studios where a compact side station for the recording or engineering room is required. Even small one-room apartments or a room in a shared flat can benefit from the compact studio desk. Compared to a simple table with separate speaker stands, an adjoining master keyboard, and possibly a 19" rack, the Thomann ComboDesk can save a great deal of space.

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127 Reviews

Handreas 27.03.2021
I will preface this review by simply stating that this is a great desk! Without a doubt the best one I could find in this price range.
It has now been used daily for a couple of months, and I’m confident it will hold up for a long while.

There’s a couple of annoyances (which I go on about further down) with the desk, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. And it looks good too!

I needed a new desk for my home studio and decided on this one because of three things:
I needed a minimum of 4 rack spaces.
I have limited space so I needed something with a smaller footprint that still could accommodate my needs.
I wanted a raised platform for computer monitors.
This one ticked all the boxes and then some.

Let’s go over the pros first:
* The desk is pretty sturdy. It’s not wobbly and it feels like it could take some abuse without falling apart. We’ll see how it holds up in a few years, but for now I’m confident it’ll stay in one piece.
* It’s pretty small in size and will fit in even the tiniest rooms. But with the top shelf, the racks, and a good sized keyboard tray you can fit a lot of stuff on it.
* You can easily fit two medium screens on the top shelf if you have your speakers on stands.
* Since the racks are angled and not flush with the shelf you can place equipment that runs hot on top without worrying about restricting airflow. It’s also more comfortable to reach.
* The keyboard tray can be adjusted for three different heights.

* As other reviewers have mentioned, the edges of the desk are uncomfortably sharp. It’s not a dealbreaker, but definitely something I’ll subtract some points for. I ended up putting two layers of gaffers tape over the front edge to make resting my arms on the desk less annoying. * There’s not a whole lot of legroom under the desk. I’m guessing it’s fine for most people, but I’m 190cm and can barely fit my knees under it. I sit just fine as it is, but I’d sit even better if the desk was just an inch or two higher.
* Assembly instructions was a bit unclear. Building the desk wasn’t hugely difficult, but some things could be better explained. As a Scandinavian I’m well versed in hacking together terrible Ikea-furniture, but I predict someone with little to no experience in DIY-furniture assembly will be at least slightly annoyed at times.
* Keyboard tray will not fit an 88-key controller. I don’t play piano, so I don’t care, but YMMV.

So to summarize:
Looks great!
Lots of space for stuff without taking up a whole lot of floorspace.
Some minor annoyances in regard to how it’s made, but the overall build quality is great and it feels very solid.


Best value music desk, sturdy & versitile
Cookizza 12.10.2021
I was close to buying the Zaor Miza junior but settled for this instead and I'm very glad I did.

The rack spaces are super helpful and the covers they come with let you use them as regular cubby holes.

Fits perfectly my 5 inch monitors and a 27" screen.

Some people complain the edges are sharp but I think they have addressed this as mine are absolutely fine.

Drawer is decent and doesn't move around while playing keyboard. and legroom with the keyboard at it's second highest point is totally fine.

I think the more expensive desks have more rugged screw points, where disassembling and rebuilding the desk would be easier. I'd imagine the chipboard, while the thickest I've seen, wouldn't last 10+ rebuilds. If that's your thing.

Overall I'd buy this desk again, really happy.


Really great desk!
nikreiman 19.01.2022
I spent a loooong time looking at different desks, not only at Thomann, but also IKEA and other places as well. I finally settled on this one, and I couldn't be happier. I'm a pretty tall guy (2m), and by not installing the keyboard rest, I have plenty of legroom. The height is good as well -- shorter people probably would also be happy with a normal-sized chair and sitting upright. I love the cable management features and the rack is very solidly built.

As other reviewers have noted, the edges of the desk can be a bit sharp. I use an extra-large gaming mousepad (80cm) to counter this, but I don't feel that the sharp edges are extreme or dangerous.

My only complaints are that on some parts of the desk, there is a small chip (maybe 5mm - 1cm in length, and 2mm in width) on the back edge, where I can see the wood instead of the white finish. This was there from the day that I unpacked the unit, so it was either banged around during shipping or it happened during manufacturing. However, the chip is quite small and doesn't bother me. Also, the desk could have been a bit more well-packed. Some of the extra screws fell out of the box during shipping, but fortunately, I didn't need them. For these reasons, I subtracted 1 star for "quality", but otherwise, for the features it's the best desk I've found and I'm very happy with it!


A great introduction for a professional workspace
Gregzor 20.12.2022
For a long time I never had a real professional workspace, I invested into my gear, but never what it stood on.
When I received the ComboDesk everything was very well packaged and delivered, as usual, and it wasn't that difficult for me to set up on my own.
(I did however make a little mistake with the retractable keyboard shelf where the screw wasn't drilled in deep enough and so it would get stuck when expanding outwards and I couldn't fix it any more once the keyboard tray was locked in place, I did find a work around however, that being having it always a little outwards passed that screw, it's a minor hiccup and mostly my own fault.)

I felt for any sharp edges like I read on previous reviews but it seemed they addressed this issue and everything was smooth. The table itself is stable, it feels good and the finishing is nice. The keyboard tray below the desk was a must for me, and it houses a Prophet Rev2 in my studio, it's strong and stable.

My desk houses a keyboard in front of me with a Softtube Console 1 + Fader housed in a wooden frame (it barely fits but it works) behind it, my computer on top and my interface on the right with my mouse. I had space for Ableton Push2 on the left but decided to put that on a extra little table next to me on the right, with loads of space free on the left side of my keyboard for notes and a clipboard with paper for when I'm working on my projects or for any future hardware.

Overall I'm very happy with this purchase and it elevated my home studio to a professional environment which I'm proud to work in, great buy. 4/5!