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Samyang Video DSLR Shooter Set EF

Samyang Video DSLR Shooter Set Canon EF; set consisting of five video lenses incl. carrying case; lenses with a focal length range from 14 mm to 85 mm cover most of the focal lengths required for filming; suitable for all APS cameras with Canon EF bayonet; stepless aperture adjustment; manual exposure adjustment and focusing; aperture ring and focus ring with gear ring for focus pullers (follow focus systems); Coated glass lenses; lenses included:; Samyang 14/3,1 VDSLR lens:; wide-angle lens for landscape and architectural photography; angle of view at 35 mm: 115.7°; Angle of view on APS-C: 89.9°; Focal length: 14 mm; Lens speed: 1:3.1; Lenses/groups: 14/10; Close focusing distance: 0.28 m; Lens diameter: 87 mm; Length: 96.1 mm; Weight: 620 g; Samyang 24/1.5 VDSLR lens: ; Wide-angle lens for reportage and landscape videography; Angle of view on 35 mm: 84.1°; Angle of view on APS-C: 57.6°; Focal length: 24 mm; Speed lens: 1:1.5; Lenses/groups: 13/12; Close focusing distance: 0.25 m; Diameter filter: 77 mm; Diameter lens: 83 mm; Length: 97.5 mm; Weight: 625 g; Samyang 35/1.5 VDSLR lens:; Wide-angle lens for reportage and landscape videography; Angle of view at 35 mm: 63.1°; Angle of view at APS-C: 40.8°; Focal length: 35 mm; Lens speed: 1:1.5; Lenses/groups: 12/10; closest focusing distance: 0.3 m; filter diameter: 77 mm; lens diameter: 83 mm; length: 111.5 mm; weight: 700 g; Samyang 50/1.5 VDSLR lens:; standard lens for potrait photography; focal length: 50 mm; speed lens: 1:1.5; lenses/groups: 9/6; closest focusing distance: 0.45 m; filter diameter: 77 mm; lens diameter: 82 mm; length: 74.7 mm; weight: 575 g; Samyang 85/1.5 VDSLR lens:; telephoto lens for potrait photography; angle of view at 35 mm: 28.3°; angle of view at APS-C: 17,7°; focal length: 85 mm; speed lens: 1:1,5; lenses/groups: 9/7; closest focusing distance: 1,1 m; diameter filter: 72 mm; diameter lens: 78 mm; length: 80 mm; weight: 570 g; Mantona Outdoor protective case L:; stackable and 100% waterproof; incl. four foam inserts which can be individually cut to size; air compensation valve; eyelets for padlock; Material: plastic, polypropylene / foam; Colour: grey-black; Inner dimensions (LxWxH): 485 x 335 x 180 mm; Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 515 x 415 x 200 mm; Weight: 4.2 kg;

Lens mount EF
Focal length up to - Focal length from 14 mm
Zoom No
Zoom controllable No
Autofocus No
IRIS Control Yes
Remote controllable Yes
Image stabilizer No
ND Filter included No
Splash protection No
Item number 527387
20.390 kr
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