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Bose S1 Pro System


Active All-in-One PA-System

  • Can be used as a stage monitor, practice amp, and as a primary music system
  • Bose S1 Pro battery pack - Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with Quick Charge function and a runtime of up to 11 hours
  • 3-Channel mixer with reverb
  • Bluetooth
  • ToneMatch
  • Sound system for up to 50 people
  • EQ control for 2 channels and an extra channel for wired (3.5 mm jack) and wireless music sources
  • Bluetooth-Streaming with One-Touch-Pairing
  • Coverage pattern 100° x 40°
  • Frequency response: 70 Hz - 16 kHz
  • Max. SPL: 103 dB
  • 2 x XLR / 6.3 mm jack combo input
  • 1x 3.5 mm jack input
  • 1x Line output
  • Suitable for stands with a 35 mm diameter
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 330 x 241 x 286 mm
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Battery pack and power cord included

Suitable bags not included:

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Available since January 2018
Item number 430651
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Bass Speaker in Inch 6"
Ways 2-Way
Colour Black
Weight 6,8 kg
Housing Material Plastic
Analog Inputs 3
Microphone Input 2
Line Out 6,3mm bal.
Media Player BT
Remote Control No
Effects Yes
Low Cut No
Monitor Angle Yes
Width 241 mm
Depth 286 mm
Sound Pressure in dB 103 dB
Height 330 mm
Number of HT Speakers 3
Number of HT Speaker 3
Number of HT-Speaker 3
Numbers of HT Speaker 3
HT Speaker in Inch 2,25
Number of Midrange Speaker 0
Midrange Speaker in Inch without
Number of Bass Speakers 1
Number of Bass Speaker 1
Accu Yes
Batterie Info up to 11 Hours
Batterie Information up to 11 Hours
Battery Information up to 11 Hours
Construction Standard
Stand Flange 35 mm
Construction Type Standard
Using for PA
Flyable No
Line Input Yes
EQ per Channel 1
Microphon Input 2
True Wireless Stereo 1
Effect 1
Voice Assistant No
Beam Angle Hor 100 °
Handheld / Headset No
Beam Angle Ver 70 °
Wireless Mic Handheld / Handheld No
Frequency Range (-10dB) from 70 Hz
Wireless Mic Handhleld / Headset No
Frequency Range (-10dB) to 16000 Hz
Beam Angle (Hor) 100 °
Active Cooler No
Voice Assistent No
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A sonic Swiss army knife from Bose

Bose S1 Pro Active All-in-One PA-System

The Bose S1 Pro System is a real all-rounder when it comes to reproducing music and speech in the highest quality, anywhere and at any time. The small, active all-in-one PA is extremely flexible with an integrated three-channel mixer, Bluetooth streaming from mobile devices, and the option of connecting up to two microphones or instruments. Whether it's a singer-songwriter performance, a meeting, a conference, a church service, or a party – with the Bose S1 Pro System, the intelligent ToneMatch signal processing automatically ensures the optimum sound at all times. Should there be no power outlet nearby, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps the active Bluetooth speaker running wirelessly.

A master of all trades

When it comes to music or spoken performances in small to medium-sized settings, the Bose S1 Pro System is virtually limitless. If you want to share your music with others, entertain spectators with your guitar or keyboard, or speak at meetings or events, the S1 Pro is the ideal partner and is ready to use in seconds, no matter when or where.

Whether it’s on the floor as a stage monitor or in an elevated position to provide sound for entire rooms: The Bose S1 Pro will masterfully handle any situation.

A compact and flexible companion

The Bose S1 Pro System has everything on board that a compact amplifier system needs, regardless of whether it is used as a stage system, as a monitor, upright, horizontal, or on a tripod. In conjunction with the ToneMatch signal processing for automatic adjustment of instruments and speech, even users with no experience in sound amplification and levelling can achieve a natural and sound with excellent clarity in every situation. A Bluetooth function that allows mobile devices to stream music comes included, as do two connections for microphones or instruments and a line-out for connection to other amplification systems. With the help of the Bose Connect app, the party mode can be activated and music streamed via a second S1 Pro System. The compact and extremely light S1 Pro System, which weighs only 7.1kg, can be transported quickly and conveniently thanks to its robust plastic housing and carrying handle, and can be operated on battery power for up to 11 hours without requiring a power outlet.

Bose on the S1 Pro Active All-in-One PA-System

About Bose

Bose is an American manufacturer founded in 1964, and is known for its audio products designed with psychoacoustics in mind. The idea is to focus not on the performance of a loudspeaker, but on the perception of the sound. The 901 speaker system, which was produced from 1968 to 2008, became legendary. Bose manufactures audio technology for both private and professional use, from hearing aids to sound systems and from headphones to vehicle stereo systems.

Rocks even without a socket

The S1 Pro System not only cuts a fine figure indoors with singer-songwriters, it is also the ideal choice for the garden, beach, street, and park thanks to its integrated batteries. At parties thrown by associations or social clubs, it can play music for entertainment and broadcast announcements and speeches, all with excellent clarity and audibility. At garden parties, your own playlists provide the atmosphere, and if more people appear at the gathering than planned, the S1 Pro System is set up and ready for use in seconds.

Input and controls on the Bose S1 Pro Active All-in-One PA-System

In the spotlight: ToneMatch signal processing

The ToneMatch signal processing developed by Bose is a group of equaliser presets that automatically ensures realistic sound transmission for both instruments and the human voice. With the S1 Pro System, you can choose separately for each channel whether to use the technology for a connected instrument or microphone or to simply leave it switched off. The ToneMatch signal processing makes your own tone control adjustments largely unnecessary.

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439 Reviews

Simply superb
Zenn 07.04.2022
One of the best pieces of gear I've added to my lot. Generally used as a stage monitor, and the clarity of sound is incredible, especially given its size and weight.
Equally, just to plug in and play at home, or play music through Bluetooth is fabulous.
Would highly recommend this unit.


Bose S1 Pro in Killer combination!
Zoran Cikovac 14.10.2019
Few years ago I have bought Bose L1 Model II/B2 bundle set. I was scared if it was good decision but in the end I was very delighted with it. It is great PA if you don't ask too much of it. After a year I started to think about some kind of additional loudspeakers… some kind of support to L1. Just to have on the other side something to fill the space. So, I have bought 2 pcs of QSC K8.2. Great little giants with so much power and clean and warm sound for various needs.

And then I had some issues with one QSC K8.2 (another one was OK) and I replace it with Bose S1 Pro. I read lot about that speaker, and comments were divers, but after some time, I had them both, and that was best way to see what each can do or to see which one is better. What I have found!
Here it is:
Bose S1 Pro is far more practical to use in many situations. It has better sound. It's more natural, warmer, pleasant… Reverb for mike and guitar, bluetooth, etc..
QSC K8.2 is more powerfull, in some situations very strong and enough to make very loud music. And!!!
And the greatest combination is to have ALL the three of them. If I have gig in a small venue I carry just Bose S1 Pro. If there's more people, I take QSC K8.2 and set it to work with S1. If the gig is more demanding, I use all of them. Bose L1 behind me on right side, QSC K8.2 on the left side, and Bose S1 Pro in front like a monitor. And that's it!
I shall never replaced any of these 3 PA speakers. With them I simply have solution for every gig. Even battery in S1 Pro is very useful in some occasions.


Big sound - a little box!
Soundguy99 06.10.2023
I recently added The BOSE S1 PRO to my setup - mainly for on-stage monitoring and to be able to set-up a performance pretty much anywhere on the go.
While not cheap, I was confident this would be a worthy investment since I already own a BOSE system at home and familiar with their high quality.
And boy, It did not disappoint. Honestly, I was blown away by the sound quality from this little box and I’m still amazed how lightweight it is! Less than 7 kilos!
Of course it is no competition for a full-blown PA system, but I tested it in a medium size space (for up to 200 ppl) and it filled the room with a full and balanced sound everyone enjoyed. The bass is tight and clear (just don’t expect this to move any furniture, though) it “only” goes down to 70Hz, which still covers plenty of low end.
Now this thing travels with me anywhere and everywhere in a backpack (which I also purchased from Thomann) and doubles as a wireless (BT) speaker wherever needed. I don’t play guitar or sing, but those who do may find this also a great solution for small gigs and practice.
I haven’t tested the battery life to the fullest as of yet, but one weekend I accidentally left it “on” after a gig and tye next morning it still showed “up to 49%" charge.
All in all, very happy with the purchase - I recommend the S1 PRO for any DJ or musician who wants pro sound for the stage, for the road…. or for the beach!


Does what it claims .
AndyjR 08.05.2018
Ive tried few other battery powered amps for acoustic guitar & vocals that just did not do the job at all least not for the vocal side of things anyway.
The S1 Pro however sounds great, top quality sounds for guitar & voice, it really is a little PA & does that Bose thing where the sound seems to travel everywhere.
I use this for vocals & acoustic guitar at wedding ceremonies & cocktail receptions & the sound floats around just perfectly, even with it just sat at the side of me on the floor.
Yes ... its a little expensive & then extra for the battery but in my opinion... worth every penny ..amp in one hand, guitar in the other, now thats what i call a load in !
it would be good if a decent sized case or bag that could fit a few cables / mic & the S1 was available ...a cajon case might be the answer for me.


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